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  1. Time to get on top of things again

  2. Sayonara prick!

  3. Happy Birthday

  4. KimT

    Happy Birthday.

  5. C'mon Renault please one more podium this season pwease!?!"

  6. Wow Happy Birthday Buddy.

  7. Tillykke med dagen Lasse

  8. Tillykke med fødselsdagen.

  9. Happy Birthday Kris

  10. Long time no see KhoRne

  11. Happy Birthday Marshal.

  12. KimT

    I still sometimes forget you're not around anymore. You're missed buddy!

  13. Is that good or bad?

  14. It's supposed to look like a bear... no it was the other way around. But yeah I've been told so a lot of times. It lead to me getting the title "Animal Molesting Santa" - check the title topic in the community section for more info.

  15. Happy B-Day Boney.

  16. Wow.. you lost me there.

    A great weekend to you too.

    No offense meant and none taken.

  17. @omot - yeah just shoot me a pm

  18. @wokajablocka: You're welcome.

    @Delta407: Really? The same links we've got going in the news topic within the Star Wars Forum? :P

  19. Yeah I got it.

  20. But still, it's on now!

  21. What's up with the on and off Shadows?

    Are you ok?

  22. See?

    Your status works just fine.

    Forgot to press "Update" ? :tongue: