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  1. Shurik

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    This would be cool. Or it could be something more like a garage from the good old Town Plan..? It is a town, and this is 50's...
  2. Ah, got it! Yes, you’re both right. But obviously 60 degrees isn’t something that can cause problems during play. Moreover, @fred-eric once the tower is assembled and all gears are in place, you won't be able to move LAs without involving gears. LAs can only be activated through gear movement, so I would disagree with @Jim about this being a flaw at all.
  3. What an awesome review Jim! I love hove you managed to keep it simple and easy to read despite the size and complexity of the set. And, of course, comparison with the other sets looks amazing. Thank you! However, could you please elaborate on this part? What is wrong with the drive? Why should axles feeding the LA be reversed? Why is it a flaw at all? A 12-tooth double bevel gear takes its place right between 2 20-tooth double bevel gears and everything works just fine.
  4. LEGO House has a couple of just perfect activities to put cars to the test! :)
  5. Sounds cool. So, we build cars at home and bring them with us to Billund for 2018 BILLUND AUTO EXPO? ;) How many cars are allowed per a builder?
  6. Oh yup! This is @Lazarev N.. I'll ask him to confirm his participation here :)
  7. Please tell me it's not to late to sign up! How about a small delegation from Mother Russia? :) 1) Shurik (me) 2) @VerSen 3) one more friend of ours, who an active and a very talented builder
  8. Shurik

    [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    AAbsolutely massive and terrifying piece of LEGO Technic! Was a pleasure capturing it for you, @SilenWin!
  9. Shurik

    [WIP]Mack B75

    That's my boy! Way to go! Can't help enjoying your progress on this Mack. Bonnet is an eye-candy, but that fender is a huge trouble. Regular curved bricks is not a solution. Go in either for some unique combination of panels and tiles or simply try layers of regular plates. Nice execution of XL-motor-tank, but watch out for scale issues. According to the pic you submitted the tank should be smaller and closer to the front wheels. Of course, it's up to you, but I love the standarts you're trying to keep up with.
  10. Shurik

    [MOC] The Hob Rod

    Love the side view! As for the roof, rotating panels by 180 degrees will work well.
  11. Great lighting, great minifigs' faces, a brilliant plot! It's funny to see that 1x1 tile is red at the right side and light grey at the reverse one
  12. Shurik

    Build-a-fruit raffle competition

    Building fruits - that's really nice idea! Hope, something like a mosaic of banana space ship will be funny
  13. Shurik

    Review: 8183 Track Turbo RC

    Yeah, this car does have return-to-center steering. As dr_spock has written, this steering system doesn't work well on carpets because of thick and high pile.
  14. The interior is just awesome! Tan and light gray colours combined with such cool decals make this creation one of the best hospitals i've ever seen! I'm a conformist!, you are really good at mocs based on "House, M.D." series.
  15. Shurik

    Cemetery Drive

    Such a thrilling moc! Wow! Will you tell us in another diorama whether they managed to run away from bullets or not?