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  1. *This part is deleted* And can someone give me a link to pirate's music theme from Skybound, please?)
  2. -Zond-

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Wow, where are the images of new monsters from? Forest monsters are awesome. And monstrox is probably that thing from Jestro Volcano base. That spinning thing with claws in the center. And maybe she is... like the mother of monsters?
  3. Some new screenshots from some asian channle. Hope to find some new episodes soon.
  4. -Zond-

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Sounds really nice! I hope to see something like this:
  5. -Zond-

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VI

    Ok, thank's a lot, got it) I just thought that my entry must be similar in length or width, not in piece count)
  6. -Zond-

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VI

    Oh, just one more question. What is an official release size? It's pretty hard to count)
  7. -Zond-

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VI

    So no theme this year?) Really nice! Can I add some sort of small story in my entery?)
  8. -Zond-

    [MODs] 2008 reimagined

    Wings look really nice on Krika. Chirox is nice too.
  9. -Zond-

    [MOC] Horror Hound

    Really cool) A perfect use for Sauron's eyes) And I like a lot of spikes on it's back) When I read the name of this topic, I immidiatly thought about Cerberus) So I suppose your hound can look a way more nicer whith two o three heads))
  10. -Zond-

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Oh my, prototypes looks so much better that summer wave sets! I really like Pohatu. And Tahu is super cool on the sketch too) Umrak is.... ehhhh... like a Satir or what? I really hope that we'll have the Mask of Control in Umrak set. I like the construction of legs, and few minutes ago, I have recognised this part in dark-red.
  11. -Zond-

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    I think if Tiger Widow is ship, why does it called "tiger?" It's a bit strange, isn't it? So perhaps we can get a ship in Chima animal style?? If so, it will be really srtange. I think it'll be better to call it "Black Widow", or "Shark Widow".. Oh, this will be pretty cool! You know, something like this, but a bit more steampunk wariant of it. Or it could be just an ordinary steampunk pirate ship with some golden sharks as decoration)
  12. Hello everyone! Keeper of the west is west dragon, and he is guarding the mountain, that located somewhere on the west. He is also guarding the Pearl of the West. This mountain is also guarding by some more chinese dragons- Golden Sentry, who is guarding "the heart" of the mountain, Green Phoenix(he's a dragon too), who is guarding the entrance. There is a Temple of Chang Wu On the top of that mountain West Keeper with Pearl of the west.
  13. -Zond-

    Baron Infion

    Hello everyone! This model was maden especially for Urbem-Nui project on Russian Fan Forum of Lego. "You fools, fools,fools! You made a mistake. I will destroy you all, one by one, even if I will doing it for a whole enternity!" Baron Infion to Toa. Baron Infion is a glatorian, perfect warrior and excellent strategist. He is cruel, but at the same time he is calm and restrained. Some time ago he was really influential person and was living on the top levels of the Urbem-Nui, and to be honest, he had all chances to rool Urbem-Nui. Once, when he was fighting against toa, who was sended by Turaga Espada do defeat his "Enemy". Baron lost his left hand, and was sended to the bottom levels of Urbem-Nui. Infion always doesn't like Toa, but after this battle he became hating them, and he will do everything to destroy them. Under influence of protodermics, a big claw grew up instead of his left hand. Nowadays he lives on the bottom levels of Urbem-Nui and he considers himself as a ruler of the bottom levels. But is he really a ruler there....?. He doesn't wear Kanohi, because he is a glatorian. But his organic parts can regenerate. The claw is really strong, so he can kill matoran with it. Some more photos: Baron Infion and his Crystal throne. "How can't you understand.... I'm Baron Infion, and I will never die!" Baron Infion to Toa.
  14. -Zond-

    Headhunter - Kohiwi.

    Really nice bionicle moc! He looks like old bionicle sets, and I really like it)) Turaga Espada is... AWESOME!