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  1. nikzagvit

    HiTechnic projects

    Thank you very much Toastie Yes, I found this resource, but it is not complete, there were whole projects with instructions and program codes at the source Thank you very much djm Thanks for the link to the archive, but errors come out when trying to download ((
  2. Hi, everybody Question, once upon a time on the site there were cool projects with sensors of their production. Now the site is unavailable, and I can't find projects with programs, maybe someone has the source codes and instructions in private collections?
  3. nikzagvit

    2020 Mindstorms set

    I think the display may be a tablet or smartphone screen, but this feature has not been implemented yet. I'm not making a statement, just an assumption.
  4. I bought an ASUS Bluetooth USB-stick V4. 0 USB-Bt400 inserted into the computer and everything worked Tcm0 was right, BLED112 doesn't work with chrome. Lok24 thank you so much, I've been tormenting you all day.
  5. I assume that chrome does not know how to work with Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Tell me who works with what dongle?
  6. used the installer available from the documentation link. At the moment I tried different installers, the result is the same I feel desperate
  7. Yes, menus don't open/react on click. I can't say for sure, but I've seen the list of compatible devices, and BLED112, Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy in it. Yes, the app sees the hub through the smartphone, the firmware starts, but I have been waiting for more than an hour, the hub is still flashing red blue green
  8. OK thanks anyway. Yes I use the technic hub
  9. Yes I do everything as in the instructions 1. Make sure your batteries are fresh. 2. Make sure the hub is off. 3. Press and hold the green button. 4. Wait for the light to blink, but keep holding the button. 5. On the Pybricks Code page, click the firmware update button. 6. Select the LEGO Bootloader and click Pair. .... but until the 6th point does not reach, I click on the button "Flash hub firmware" but nothing happens
  10. please help me i use Win10/64 with a BT dongle (BLED112, Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy), Google Chrome, version 85, but Pybricks Code doesn't see my hub, what could be the reason? and the hub is visible in the S2Bot App.
  11. Pybricks has access to a gyroscope?
  12. le60head - please link where you can read about this feature?