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EDIT: Damn editor! Please if any Moderators can add the title, I will be very gratefull, sorry! :look:

Here we are with my final entry for SoNE Episode VI: With the help of the Bothan Spynet...

C&C are always welcome, and I hope you Enjoy it, now let's the story talk! :classic:


Another step for Wedge09's squad: after failing on Fondor and Ord Mantel, the rebel squad came to Bothawui, home of the biggest spynet in the known galaxy to search for help in the quest for Boba Fett and the Slave I.

Even if Bothawui was a neutral ground for Imperial and Rebel Intelligence and the Imperial presence was minimal, the rebels didn't want to draw any attention on their activity and as quietly as possible they reached an hidden data center.

There they were greeted by the Bothan in command of the security of the data center "Welcome on Bothawui, Sir. Your visit was unexpected."

"I know, but this is a priority mission."

"What needs the Rebel Alliance?"

"We want to know if Boba Fett is here, or if he spent some time on the planet recently."

"I will see what I could do." the Bothan motioned to a Bothan officer who accompanied them in the depths of the data center.

"This is the technician who will help you in your search, he will do everything possible; if you have additional needs, please call." the Bothan officer left them as the technician sit and the search started...

A few hours later, the Rebel soldiers and their Bothan counterparts met again and the technician, results at hand, spoke "I searched as you requested Soldier Wedge09 and I find what you wanted: the Slave I was here, as Boba Fett. Their last sign of activity was at Drev'starn's Spaceport, they remained here for some time but we lost trace of them. However, we can infer that they have abandoned the planet as confirmed by some satellite readings of a ship of a very similar shape; we can also try to guess a possible destination..."




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The ideas you have here are well executed. Good job! I feel like the build is still a little bare, maybe some more figs or loose pipes would help.

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Nice work, and your MOC shows some great space, but I think it could use some greeble in the walls to make them a bit less dull.

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