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[MOC] The Job

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Nothing gets in the way of a hitman's job. Not even an innocent maintenance man who just happened to be there running his daily schedule.

Collateral damages happen, and the job goes on.



My first 'modern' MOC that isn't fantasy/medieval or sci-fi, all thanks to Brickarms :grin:

I think I'm gonna get addicted to this and start building more MOCs with modern weapons.


"Low on battery? I better charge this thing," the hitman says, casually ignoring the pool of blood forming under his feet.


Taking the shot.

Weapons all laid out on the table, with the phone charging on it.

You can't go on a job with an empty battery phone; you never know when your client's gonna call :tongue:


Collateral Damage


The Sniper's window.

Well, that's it for now. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated :sweet:

Thanks for viewing!

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That is pretty cool. The second pic caption should be "OMG another hit, got to put it on Facebook". Jokes aside, great build, thats a cool radiator at the side and the walls are done well.

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The distribution of textures on the floor is bit weird, but the charging phone is a nifty touch and that radiator is really well-designed for using such "normal" parts.

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