MOC Microfighter Lambda class shuttle

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Hi all!

As a newbe, I will try to make it short :).

Presenting you - the Lambda T4 class shuttle, designed in SW Microfighter scale.


The ship (and others on my Flickr page) are designed for the Polish Lug competition.

As for technical data - the hull consists of 57 pieces + one minifig. It is quite small, and yes - it was not designed to be flown by a Wookie (the cramped at this scale cockpit can be imagined by the of the pilot's face :)).

The presented above version is in fact the third version of the craft. Version one was bigger, with straight lower wings.

As I tried to grasp that nice look of the original model's wings, the version two emerged - still big (100 pieces, down to 96 by doing some update's) but incorporating the fine silhouette of the vessel. Version three was destined to be even smaller, but still sporting folded wings and even imitation of passanger compartment bay door.

All the versions are presented on my Flickr album.

Feel free to browse through other - more or less accurate - Microfighters models.

Any comments are welcome.

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Nice looking, I'm plannig to build my own Lambada for this contest.

Why haven't you show show it at LUGPol yet?

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