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For the model team contest, I decided to make a Renault 17. I wanted to make that in Lego since some time, that's the good time for it I guess.

For those who do not know/remember what a Renault 17 looks like, here is the version I use as reference (1973-1975)

Made between 1971 and 1979, as Renault 15 and 17. The Renault 17 was also exported to USA.

The logo was moved from hood to the grille in 1973.

The face-lifted version of 1976 had a different front and rear.

They were replaced by the Renault Fuego in 1979.

More info on Wikipedia




Roughly 38x14 studs:


Features turning wheels (via the knob on the roof) and opening doors. The hatch can open but it requires to remove the 1x8 tiles on the side, so it does not really counts.



Previous work-in-progress posts here below...


I thought it would be good to share the progress of the project.

I build directly with bricks (no LDD) because I try to use the parts I already have (which adds a challenge).

For the scale reference, I used the Model Team wheel.

Thanks to EUOfficer's topic which gave me the idea, I printed a blueprint of the car (the only picture I found...) scaled for a 42mm wheel, that makes things much easier.

The downside of using such wheels/scale is that the 1x1 round plate is too small for headlights, and the 2x2 too big. I originally planned to do that at a slightly larger scale, but that will be for another time.


The front has studs in four directions (top/bottom/front/back)


Starting fenders, and I've put turning wheels to make it more Model Team...


... even if that already causes a slight scale problem.

So the front will be 1-stud too long compared to the blueprint.




It is more "blocky" than the real one, but I'm still satisfied with the current result. I replaced the 2x6 plate of the grille by three 2x2


I started to make the rear of the car, but I haven't yet made photos, that will be for later.

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This contest is like a dream come true. Lots of regular bricks in use, almost no holes at all. And the theme is vehicles!

This entry is great so far, it is hard to build with details in 16 studs wide, but thats where lego is can redesign it and make it better.

Keep up!

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Thanks for the comments!

Next step, finishing the chassis and making the rear bumper:


Adding the "Wedge Belt Wheel" ( ) as wheel cover gives a wheel style closer to the real one.


The shape of the rear bumper isn't bad, but the junction with the rear fender isn't easy as I couldn't find a way to make that better than with an inverted slope:


Maybe some rounded part could look better, but I didn't find a better one in the few I have, I'll see later if I have to make a Bricklink order if there is something more suitable for that.

The only few Technic parts are in the chassis, as quite common for Model Team:


As you may notice on the first pics, I had a space problem between the upside-down part of the front fender and the upper part.

The reason is that there is a half-plate offset between that fender and the chassis: the fender is attached to the front, and the use of hinges for that wasn't a good idea after all.

So I decided to attach the front differently:


All is then more efficiently attached


And no more annoying half-plate difference


I also tried to replace the 2x1 slope placed after the front wheel (see first pic) by a 3x1 slope (as seen in the last pic above), I am not sure which one of the two looks better.

Maybe it would be better if I did a yellow plate layer + a black plate layer instead of the black inverted slopes - I'll test that later.

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Some progress from yesterday

I attached the windscreen:


Finished the door and the sides:


(about the black hinge, I do not know yet if I'll just lengthen the line through the door or try to get more yellow hinges from Bricklink)

Building C-pillars:


I didn't find a way to properly make something looking like grilles like the real one, I guess plain black is good enough (I may try to replace that by dark grey, but I'll have to get parts from Bricklink for that)

Building the roof and attaching the hatch:




I have to finish the hood (I'll try to make one that can open), door mirrors and the roof, and add seats inside.


For doing things like that, I'm happy that my parts are sorted first by color, as noticeable here yellow and black are the most used:


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You used some very interesting techniques there in the back there. Definitely one of my favorite entries so far.


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Thanks :)

I'm not fully satisfied with the hatch: I should use 2x2x2 slopes instead of 2x2x3, but I have only one in black, and I'll have to find a way to integrate these if I order them on Bricklink later.

The trans-black rear window should be replaced by trans-clear, but I do not have the 1x2x3 panel in stock for that.

I finished the roof and hood (photos later), I'll do the seats next week and then make a Bricklink order for the few missing details I think.

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I received a Bricklink order with shorter slopes for the rear, I also replaced the trans-black window by trans-clear, and replaced the black hinges of the door by yellow ones :


I also replaced the brick-built black triangle of the C-pillar by a dark-grey one (which is, on the real car, a silver grille in front of a window).

As said previously, the roof and the hood are done, with the knob on the roof to turn the wheels, like a proper model team vehicle.


But I still haven't done the interior; I just have to add seats, as the dashboard was already done.

I'll maybe to that on Sunday.

And for the final photos, I'll also try to do that with a better light, as the car looks better in real than on these photos I am making :hmpf_bad:

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I added the seats


which look like this on the real car : http://i56.servimg.c.../43/33/1111.jpg

and modified a little the parts around the door opening


I also modified slightly the hatch again, and re-did the angles of the C-pillar. At some point I wasn't sure if I was improving it or making it worse... but I think it is better now :look:


So I consider it now finished.


I'll try to make better photos tomorrow with better light (sun is already coming down now) for the official entry in the contest thread...

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Great model. In beginning your project i think that's it will be worse that now. You surprise me :blush:

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I'm still liking this a lot. You've done a really good job :thumbup:

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Thanks :)

I published new photos in the first post.

Unfortunately the light wasn't very good, but I am not sure I'll have time to make better photos before Friday.

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