[MOC] Anakin VS Dooku on Genosis (TechLug contest 11)

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Hi all again,

This was my entry for the TechLug contest number eleven. The goal was to create a 12x12 vignette repesenting a lightsaber duel. I have chosen MOCing the one opposing Anakin and Dooku on Geonosis.


Here are the pictures, you will find some explications at the end of the thread.






As you can see, I've tried to build the major elements of the scene as the cable on the ground, barrels, some rocks.... I had one day to achieve my entry, which explains the presence of LBG, which don't make think that the scene is playing in a rocky hangar, only represented thanks to a big brown metapiece. The light of the hangar was interesting, so I decided to show three lamps, with greebles (plates modified and bars in this case), to get a more eye-catching render. Anakin and Dooku are home maded minifigs.

Technically, I used SNOT for the base, that is a quarter stud to wide ang long.

The main problem also is the colour sheme I applied beause of my own pieces making the vignette loosing a lot of credibility. Still, I am happy having be able to participate to this contest, despite my result : the last place.

Even if my creation is from far not perfect, what do you think of it ? You can ge bigger pictues on my Bricksafe or on my Brickshelf gallery.

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Cool contest. I think you're right that the color scheme hurt you. At least you had a lot of company in "last" place. There were several entries with only 1 vote. Content-wise, This duel would not be my pick although it is more original. Maybe using Yoda (flipping through the air) instead of Anakin would have been more appealing to voters.

I really like how many small details are in this, like the barrels, cable and those tan pipes(?) along the edge. Great greebling on the top and base, too.

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Yes, really great entry for the contest!

Like how you made the scene on 12x12 studs and than with so many details :wacko: .

Great and good luck!


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Thanks for your kind words guys !

The greebles were not really a plus-point for the contest, because the entries had to be, finally, as simple as possible. My vignette was, I suppose, too overcharged for the contest.

Goatman461, I did not had other minfigs avaible, so I build the vignette from those I could make, Anakin ad Dooku.

Wilson3a10, why don't trying to build your own vignette ? Take a look at others, select the building techniques you find useful or interesting, the scene you would like to build, head over to brickink and let's MOC !

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