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The Imperial Base located in...I don´t know a frozen planet in an uncharted system where the Imperial troops try to secure new energy sources and raw materials for sustaining the military effort.

Although the basis of the troops are snowtroopers (109), there is a small platoon of the Special Operations Unit. This unit has many tasks, and one of them is to complement the reconaissance work of some of the drones.


And these drones sometimes find a valuable prey.


As soon as the location of the prey is known, a squad is send to get the pray because the Base Commander wants to arrange a BBQ. However, they don´t always arrive on time and nothing but bones is what they find.


Oh! A wampa! This is rather a dangerous enemy! And the troops open fire, of course, in self defense.


But a wounded wampa is a very dangerous creature, and more if it is at point blank.


And the result is a stormtrooper with a leg amputated. Fortunately, the attack was reported and the evacuation APD was sent.



The Base hospital was calmed. The medical officer was checking his IMPBOOK profile.


The APD landed and two off-duty snowies were sent with a stretcher to help in the movement to the operating room.



One of his fellows takes his leg before the injured stomtrooper gets inside.




The medical droid, also known as "You´d rather not meet me" is ready and starts the work.


Wow! The leg is in place!


It is so fast that the stormtrooper runs away. His fellow and the doctor are impressed.


Have two additional pics of the Hospital.




You can check it on mocpages,

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Nice story and buildings ... Modern medicine really does its work ...

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Not Bad!

Cant be an little brickfilm :classic: .

The stroy is great an all scenes are also nice to!

Good work :thumbup:


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This is brilliant! It made me laugh when I saw the pic of the Stormy holding the leg... xD

Nice little moc and story to go with it :)

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