The Crimson Flood.

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Nothing too detailed or elaborate. Just some neat minifigs I put together for LoR. Comments are most certainly welcome.

15054740125_09caa71c18_z.jpgLoR - Outlaws LC Phase 1 - The Crimson Flood by SSchmidt--, on Flickr

The Crimson Flood.

Led by the horrific Gribgluk, pictured here, wielding "the axe of a thousand nightmares." Pictured to Gribgluks left, is the small, cunning, clan assassin, Hurgblue.

The Crimson flood operates in the Shade's lower districts, specializing in the sale of illegal poisons.

Their rivals, direct competitors, and mortal enemies are the Dragon Death Clan.

This build was made specifically for the Lands of Roawia, found on

Interested in joining? It's completely free!

Pick a faction, grab your sword, and join the fun today:

Edited by SSchmidt

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Nice minifigs!!

Out of curiosity, are you still member of GoH? I do have your sigfigs in my box and I am wondering if I should keep them or make just civilians from them :)

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Awesome minifigs! Are you in GoH by any chance?

Nice figs there... Where did you get their weapons from?

Those are BrickWarriors' weapons, except for the staff. You can buy those weapons for about a dollar each. :wink:

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