Celebrating the Reviewers Academy's Sixth Anniversary!

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dj2005, Clone O'Patra, def, Big Cam, WhiteFang

VBBN, Pandora, Rufus, LuxorV, JimButcher, Inconspicuous, ZO6, The Penguin

Oky, Brickdoctor, Masked Builder, The Cobra, R8, Sisco

Dear Eurobricks Community,

Since 2008, the Reviewers Academy has strived to help put great LEGO set reviews out to Eurobricks and the AFOL community as a whole. We teach students how to take professional-looking pictures and to write detailed opinions and facts about sets. A combination of in-depth lessons and one-on-one interaction teaches students everything from the basics of reviewing to neat tips and tricks to give reviews that extra flair.

We are celebrating the sixth year of the Reviewers Academy. When the Academy first began, there was no telling what future it would hold. What started as an initiative to share knowledge, has since become a highly regarded aspect of our community. It has been a long journey, one that has only been made possible thanks to the students who wish to learn, and the teachers willingness to dedicate the time and knowledge to them.

If you are interested in joining the Reviewers Academy, Please visit the official topic for more details.





The teachers have prepared 17 reviews in celebration of the Academy's six years:

3818: Bikini Bottom Undersea Party reviewed by Clone OPatra

4766: Graveyard Duel reviewed by Clone OPatra

9476: Orc Forge reviewed by Masked Builder

30168: Gun Mounting System reviewed by WhiteFang

30216: Laketown Guard reviewed by Masked Builder

30255: Crawley reviewed by WhiteFang

31015: Emerald Express reviewed by WhiteFang

70161: Tremor Track Infiltration reviewed by LuxorV

75036: Utapau Troopers reviewed by WhiteFang

76000: Arctic Batman vs Mr Freeze: Aquaman reviewed by WhiteFang

76010: Batman: The Penguin Face Off reviewed by Masked Builder

76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase reviewed by Oky

79012: Mirkwood Elf Army reviewed by JimBee

850888: Castle Knights Accessory Set reviewed by WhiteFang

850889: Castle Dragons Accessory Set reviewed by WhiteFang

2014 SDCC Exclusive: Batman of Zur-En-Arrh reviewed by Oky

2014 SDCC Exclusive: Unikitty reviewed by Oky

In addition to this, over the course of this last year the teachers have given 45 early, exclusive reviews of some highly anticipated sets:

10243 Parisian Restaurant by dj2005

71004 LEGO Minifigures:The LEGO Movie Series by WhiteFang

79014 Dol Guldur Battle by Masked Builder

44015 Evo Walker by VBBN

44016 Jaw Beast vs Stormer by VBBN

44017 Stormer Freeze Machine by VBBN

44018 Furno Jet Machine by VBBN

44019 Rocka Stealth Machine by VBBN

44020 Flyer Beast Vs Breez by VBBN

44021 Splitter Beast vs Furno and Evo by VBBN

44022 Evo XL Machine by VBBN

21021 Marina Bay Sands by WhiteFang

70800 Getaway Glider by Clone OPatra

70801 Melting Room by Clone OPatra

70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace by Clone OPatra

70802 Bad Cop's Pursuit by Clone OPatra

70804 Ice Cream Machine by Clone OPatra

70805 Trash Chomper by Clone OPatra

70806 Castle Cavalry by Clone OPatra

70807 MetalBeard's Duel By Clone OPatra

70808 Super Cycle Chase by Clone OPatra

70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair by Clone OPatra

70811 The Flying Flusher by Clone OPatra

70812 Creative Ambush by Clone OPatra

70813 Rescue Reinforcements by Clone OPatra

The LEGO Movie Press Kit by Masked Builder

71005 LEGO Minifigures: The LEGO Simpsons Series by WhiteFang

70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! by Rufus

21108 Ghostbusters by WhiteFang

70206 CHI Laval by VBBN

70207 CHI Cragger by VBBN

70208 CHI Panthar by VBBN

70209 CHI Mungus by VBBN

70210 CHI Vardy by VBBN

70211 CHI Fluminox by VBBN

70212 CHI Sir Fangar by VBBN

44023 Rocka Crawler by VBBN

44024 Tunneler Beast vs Surge by VBBN

44025 Bulk Drill Machine by VBBN

44026 Crystal Beast vs Bulk by VBBN

44027 Breez Flea Machine by VBBN

44028 Surge & Rocka Combat Machine by VBBN

44029 Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer by VBBN

21020 Trevi Fountain by Masked Builder

21009 Exo-Suit by Masked Builder


The Reviewers Academy Teachers


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Congratulations to all of you!

You can all be very proud of your achievements :wub:

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Well done on the milestone and the many achievements over the years. Glad to learn from this crowd.

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RA teachers are doing a great job with set reviews in addition to taking their time and helping us, the RA students, improving our reviews. Congratulations and many thanks to all of you!

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