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6th Anniversary REVIEW: 76010 Batman: The Penguin Face Off


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I was in NYC visiting with Flare, we spent way to long in the LEGO store in Rockefeller center. I walked out with this. :grin: I did like the look of the set, though I was mostly in it just for Batman, I wasn't at all sure about the rubber ducky boat thingy.

Set Information:

Name: Batman: The Penguin Face Off

Set Number: 76010

Pieces: 136

Price: $12.99

Ages: 5-12

Minifigs: 2

Theme: DC Superheroes

Year of Release: 2014




Flickr Set



The first thing I notice about this box is that there is a TON of information crammed into this very small box. That choking hazard warning really bugs me. LEGO has, as usual, crafted a very nice action shot of the set. The new Batman design in the upper right corner is great too.


A lot less going on in the back though. Apparently flick fires say "zoom" now. :look:


And the 1:1 is Batman! I'm rather surprised not to see Penguin here as he's a short figure.



Inside the box there are three rather small bags, and the manual. That bag in the upper left corner was very full.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Batman logo was printed onto the sloped piece, as it wasn't printed in the Bat-cave. And I really like these eyes.


Only thing that stands out to me is the wonderful 1x1 round eye tile.



The art on the manual front is pretty similar to the box, but much wider image. That dang warning image is still here too.


Inside the manual is a lovely soft green color and has a slight computer looking overlay.


In some corners we have Batman, Man-bat, and Flash.



On to my favorite part: the minifigures! I absolutely LOVE Batman. Penguin surprised me, he's a great figure too. Penguin has a wonderful fur coat, along with a monocle. I'm used to a fat Penguin, so the lack of print trying to represent fat is a little disappointing. It looks like Batman has some type of heating or breathing gizmo going on with his suit.


Both figures have back printing, though Batman's is covered by the scuba tank. Penguin's fur coat continues around on the back.


More of the light blue highlights are continued here on Batman's back.


I cannot wait to use this head on a figure. It looks basically like a printed scuba mask to me.


Batman also has a second face, just the usual exp<b></b>ression.


He looks a lot like one of the new clones the way he head is printed.


Quick comparison with one of my other Batman figures. The Batman from this set has a Nolan style cowl.


Both figures also have some accessories. Penguin has a hard time standing with his iconic umbrella.

The Build:


Since this is a small set, I'm not going to go into detail about the build, it was pretty straight forward.

Finished Model:


The set doesn't look too bad without nice photo editing. The Penguin bombs seem a little odd.


These are the Penguin bombs. Really the design isn't bad, I just don't like them. The antenna ruin them for me.


They fit rather nicely into the little iceberg, that, for some reason, is holding a diamond.


Now for the wonderful rubber ducky! This guy is pretty cute and resembles a duck quite well. At first glance it looks a little fat, but trust me, it grows on you.


Here you can see Penguin's steering wheel. Now do note that this is powered by a propeller and some orange thruster thingys. Seems like overkill to me, though they might be for steering.


Penguin fits nicely into the back of the duck.


This is the funny little Bat-vehicle included in the set. Not sure what it's supposed to be.


I do like that LEGO tried to vary from the duck with this, but I think a propeller would have been fitting on this.


Batman just barely fits into the vehicle with his flippers.


And I love that there's a spot to put his gun.



This missile, while front heavy, you can actually fire.


You can't fire this one unless you're holding it. There's no way it could be fired while it's on the ground.


Yes this set is actually better than I thought it'd be. The Bat-vehicle thingy, is sub par, as his vehicles usually are. The rubber duck is absolutely wonderful. Both minifigures are definitely up there on my list of best DC figures I own. I do wish there were some better functions, flick fires don't cut it any more.


Playability: 4/10
There is just about nothing in the way of play features in this set at all.

Design: 7/10
That rubber duck is wonderfully designed, the Bat-vehicle though...

Price: 8/10
The price is pretty standard these days, I can't argue with it too much.

Minifigures: 10/10
They are absolutely fantastic. I can't think of anything they could be better for these figures.

Parts: 7/10
There's nothing super exciting in here, but those eyes do push this set up a few points.

Total: 36/50



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Nice Review! :thumbup: This set is definitely one of the best $10 sets out there, and is a really nice small thing to have. In fact, I think everything looks great besides the Bat-Ski or whatever it is.

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Picked this up the other day too, mainly for scuba Batman but quickly won over with the Duck too lol

I'm guessing it's themed on the Batman Returns movie.

With the intent and main focus on Penguin, explosive mind controlled penguins and his Duck car/boat, rather than Bats himself...

I'm guessing the Batman's transport is his version of one of them underwater jet propulsion things that Commandos/Ops etc use to move quickly underwater (hence the scuba suit)

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V.good review! I think the set is quite good, but I'm still on the fence about whether to purchase it.

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