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Where might I introduce that foil hack? I do a bit of poking around arcade cabinets/PCBs with a soldering iron, so I'm OK with electronics, but where would I need to add the foil. Presumably, it's right through the circuit chain connecting from battery to IR and motors. Or is it just at the first Power Functions point on the adapter cable?


The red lines on the plug represent where you bridge the contact points.

It should work, but if the IR does not turn on unplug it immediately to avoid damage.

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Thanks Jurss (love the mini supercar!) and thanks JJ2!

And to be clearer JJ2; what I meant to ask was; should the fold hack be done to every Power Functions connection brick (as seen in your diagram) in a MOC's circuit (so on the motors, IR unit, extensions etc.)? Or should it just be done to the connection brick on the adapter cable that runs from 9V BB at the 'start' of the circuit? Or perhaps it's just done to the connection brick on the IR receiver?

Sorry - that probably wasn't much clearer. Here it is put another way...

What Power Functions element is the connection brick in your diagram connected to?


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The wire hack goes on the extinction wire connected to the battery box and no other will need it.

hope that helped.

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