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[MOC] Hypori Escape Mission

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Hi there, EB.

So, i made tons of MOCs, when i was, y'know, dead.

:grin: And today, I left my grave to upload some pics for ya.


Action began inside destroyed Acclamator-class Star Destroyer. So i tred to make it more look like part of this ship.


Master Mundi and Grievous: Fighting.


Captain Fordo running to Ki-Adi


Aayla Secura is WASTED


Shot from the back


Side shot


As you can see, dead ARC lieutenant lying nearly Fordo.

So, i do believe i will upload MOOOOOOOAAR before 31st August.

Thanks for watching, guys.

Edited by Little_russian_AFOL

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Nice job! That scene can be immediately recognized with the elements you have used and they are all official bricks and figs, you could also add more greebles and details in dark grey on the walls and the ground, keep them coming :thumbup: .

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I remember watching this when I was little, brings back memories...

Nice job, captures the scene well. :thumbup:

Edited by arc

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