MOC : Modern Style Home

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Hello Eurobricks! I've had this MOC laying around for a while and I'm just getting around to showing it. Sorry about the photos as they're not the best quality, but they'll do.

Starting with the outside, a lot of details are present, most notably the pool, outdoor shower, palm tree, awnings, stonework, grill tile pattern, outdoor bar, and of course all that glass! Also, I tried to put a variety of textures and colors to really bring out that modern look.



Let's have a look at the inside :classic:


The interior is full of colors, which really brings it to life. There is a lot going on too. Squeezed in there is a living room, dining area, kitchen, stairwell, computer desk, and even another bedroom. I forgot to take a picture of the dining table, but you can kind of see it in the picture above.


Wow, look at that Han in cabonite poster! This kid also appears to like action figures. As you can see in the kitchen, the glass can fold in accordion style to serve outdoor guests at the bar and bring the outdoors in a little, which is something I wanted to add.


The upstairs features 2 child bedrooms, a master bedroom, a work desk, a laundry room, and a bathroom. Again, very squeezed in.


Not much going on in the girl's bedroom, just some perfumes and furniture and stuff. Looks like the other kid likes LEGO. Cool! :classic: He's got his Modulars, stack-ons, and shelf of MOCs.


Here is the master bedroom. There is a dresser, walk-in closet, bookshelf, rug, side tables, and of course the big ol' bed! :laugh:


Here's a view of the whole top floor from above so you can get everything in perspective. Sorry I didn't do this with the ground floor, but I think you can forgive me. :laugh:


That's all folks!


C&C welcome.

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Very slick build, Brickrally. There's a lot of really nice details and I especially like the folding glass doors from the kitchen to the patio.

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Fantastic interiors there 'BrickRally217' and the outside does have that modern vibe to it......Brick On 'Brickrally217' ! :grin:

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Awesome details, the couch looks really comfortable. Also all the glass makes the house look really modern.

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