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I've had this set for quite a while now. I don't quite remember when exactly I got it. I got it originally to have a complete collection, and for the minifigures, but after building the set I was pleasantly surprised by it. This set has been a glaring gap in our LotR review database so with the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Anniversary, I thought it was time the gap was filled!

Set Information:

Name: Orc Forge

Set Number: 9476

Pieces: 363

Price: $39.99

Ages: 8-14

Minifigs: 4

Theme: Lord of the Rings

Year of Release: 2012



Flickr Set



Here's the front of the box. The top bar shows Sauron's finger with the ring. The set has been dropped on a very wonderfully detailed scene. I would like to know why the "The Lord of the Rings" text is on top of the set though. The front of the box is an action scene.


The back has more detailed images. I love how they've formatted the back too, the parchment with the nails really adds a great medieval look. There's also a small add for LEGO Lord of the Rings.


The 1:1 image on the box is of Lurtz, boy he does look good. The parchment note is continued here again.



I normally don't include minifigure parts in my new/interesting parts image; however these were just too cool not to include. Until Orthanc came out, the armor pieces with the hand print were exclusive to this set. The cheese and 1x1 round are new colors I believe: and no stickers in this set, the tile is printed!


The brick separator isn't an extra part really, but I'm not sure where else to put it. That olive cheese is definitely the best score in this set.



Now for the manual. The front shows the same art as the front of the box, minus all of the cluttering set information.


The first page shows a bunch of warnings and instructional information on how to use the light brick.


On the next two pages are what bags build what and not to build out in the yard.


It's printed on a nice tan back map back ground. I had no color misprints.


And a close up of the map. I find it rather funny that it shows Erebor here. :grin:


A full page, fun ad for the LEGO Lord of the Rings website.


Finally a checklist so one can keep track of what minifigures they own.



Now for the best part; the minifigures! There may be only four in this set, but they are packed with detail. The Uruk is pretty generic, but he's special because of the inclusion of the helmet with the hand of Sarumon on it. Lurtz is a brown color as opposed to the dark red of the Uruks, and he has a nicely muscled printed torso. The two Orcs are exactly the same, but one gets a hair piece. I love the inclusion of the rings on the Orcs.


Most of the back printing on these guys is covered up by their various hair pieces or armor. However they all have nice detailing on the back.


With the hair pieces and armor removed it's easy to see that the backs are just as nicely detailed as their fronts. The Uruk and Lurtz have alternate expressions as well. I'm really glad that LEGO put printing on the back of the Orc's heads, even if it could be covered up by hair.


Look at all of the accessories/weapons included for these guys. Sadly, Lurtz can't have his hair piece on when he's wearing the armor. That's about the only thing I do not like about the minifigures. Otherwise they're all some of the most nicely detailed minifigures I've gotten in a LONG time.

The Build:


Bag one builds the whole of the left side.


The second bag starts on the right section and builds part of the forge.


Bag three finishes the right section.


The completed set, it does look pretty good.

Finished Model:


The set looks a lot better when populated with minifigures. The color blocking is done quite well too. Check out all of that olive cheese! :wub:


These are the two most lackluster items in the set. While they were in the movie, I think they're some of the hardest items to recreate into usable items with LEGO.


I prefer everything to be absolutely symmetrical. I think that's the math in me coming out. :grin: But this actually looks really good.


Side shot of the crane to give you an idea of how far it sticks out.


All of the structural elements are easily visible from the back. I must admit I'm not used to seeing it from this side!


The set actually looks pretty long from this angle.


The crane will actually hold the bucket up, I haven't put much weight in it though...


I think the smelting area looks pretty good, I also love that LEGO used the raised base for two completely different functions.


The rock detailing is rather repetitive, but there is just enough variation for it to look great when the set is finished.



First you load up the ore.


Then crane it up.


By turning this the bucket goes up or down.


Then pour it down a chute to a cauldron.


And finally smelt the iron.


You push this to make the light brick turn on.


One can dig Lurtz out from his pit.


By pulling this away Lurtz can come out.


There's a hole in the back to push Lurtz through with.


One can also hammer the weapons out with the anvil.


This set really has grown on me since I bought it. Like I said, I had originally gotten it for the minifigures, not expecting much. When this was released it was the set with the most olive parts in it. Not to mention the sheer number of play features! I do not do much playing, but I could definitely see someone else having hours of fun with this set. The amount of details on the minifigures still astounds me.


Playability: 9/10
There are a TON of functions in this set, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they work too.

Design: 6/10
LEGO did a pretty good job of turning that huge underground maze into a $40 set.

Price: 10/10
I have zero complaints about the price at all, there's so much great stuff in this set it's well worth it.

Minifigures: 8/10
The only thing that could have made this set better would have been the inclusion of armor that works with Lurtz's hair and a bow for him.

Parts: 7/10
There are a fair number of new and interesting items to make this set good.

Total: 40/50

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Great review! For some reason this set is very underrated. I think it is great, my little son loved the play functions and it is a good source of building material too. And Lurtz <3

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I have to say i like the set, mostly because of the Uruk-Hai with white hand print and one additional armor with the same print which i actually used for Lurtz to make him "normal" Uruk-Hai (I already have Lurtz with torso printed armor from UHA that i am using).

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I love this set too. I bought two. I have only one question - that "Hard to find" label was only on boxes in US? Because it wasn´t on my boxes (Europe).

BTW Lurtz CAN have his hair piece on when he´s wearing the armor. It doesn´t 100% fits together, but it´s possible to have an armored Lurtz.

Thank you for your review. :thumbup:

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Great review, this is the last LOTR set I got to complete wave 1, and I don't know why I waited so long to get it, it is an awesome set.

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Great review. I've never considered to include this set in my collection but now I'm changing my mind! Unfortunately I also think that today it is really 'hard to find'!

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I regret not buying multiples of this set. The drop from the preliminary three to the final two Mordor Orcs putt me off, but the set wasn't that bad of an evil army builder in the end, especially considering the rare White Hand gear.

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Great pictures in this review. I bought this set for $12, without the minifigures, on eBay. I didn't think I'd miss the Minifigures. Seeing them closeup makes me wish I'd bought the complete set.

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Great review. I own the set and like it, but I don't suppose there are many fans out there who would have said "must have a set that has some of that wooden stuff under Isengard" if they knew there were only going to be 2 LOTR waves. So for me it's an okay set, but its place should have been taken by something else. Something beginning with G and ending in Ondor for example.

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In itself, Orc Forge is a fun and imaginative set. The White hand prints are valued. Also nice to have the light brick and other accessories. It seems like it was well received when it came out. With this now being the end of LOTR, I agree it will be a set that some people might now wish was slotted for Witch King/Balrog/Gondor instead. Uruk Hai Army could have easily had the white hand prints, and Tower of Orthanc also provided similar characters.

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Nice to get the white hand prints, but the thing that bugged me about the set design (apart from it being rather ugly) was that the light brick surround is constructed in a way which causes stray light to leak out between the bricks in an unrealistic fashion. Easily fixed but to me it constitutes 'bad lighting design'. First thing any kid is going to do with the set is draw the curtains and fire up the light brick and look for a realistic fire effect - instead you get an unrealistic beam of light shooting straight out the front. Ugh. Call me a perfectionist but that kind of thing really bugs me.

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