Here is my current project. The Windhoff MPV or miulti purpose vehicle. It has had several incarnations in its short life, firstly as the cargo sprinter now in the market of maintence of way. The english "great western electrication project" will use several of these to electrify the remaining 179 miles of rail from outer London to Cardiff. Derek Wilson in the UK has taken some great reference pics: http://derekwilson-r...-HOPS/i-wzWKvHs Amey the prime contractor had these: http://www.infrarail...-2014-Amey-.pdf & This will be a pure moc for me, no cheating by recreating others work. Prelim stats: it will be an eight wide train at an overall scale of 1:38.1 or 1 stud = 1 foot, overall length will be about 1.3m or 166 studs or 5.2 std baseplates There will be 2x mpv's along with the supply trailer. The MPV's will be 54 studs long plus buffers & the supply wagon will be 52 studs long. Being modular I will make several of the modules to provide different setup displays from foundations to mast installation to the wire work. Windhoff wip by coghilla, on Flickr