(MOC) The Badass Explorer ("Unimog" camper)

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Inspired by droomangroups Unimog http://www.eurobrick...97705&hl=unimog I decided to build one myself, although my version is a bit large, so it's more like inspired by the real Unimogs.

Let me present to you: Crazy Gretas "The Badass Explorer".



For some reason I couldn't deep link the picture of the other side, so chek out my flickr (url at the bottom).


The motorcycle clicks in place real easy and is also easy to pull out.


Bed, toilet, kitchen, dining area, storage under the bed etc

She's not pretty, she's badass.

It took me about 5-6 hours to build. I looked at pictures on google and videos on youtube for reference. And of course droomangroup excellent Unimog camper

There are some more pictures on my flickr https://flic.kr/p/oGbTUm

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I would have that in a zombie apocalypse. With some battle armour and spikes that would be badass.

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