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[MOC] Alien Xenomorphs

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Here's my little collection of xenomorphs so far.

I know there's been quite a few very good Lego xenomorphs already, but I just tried to make my own. I don't think they're much better nor much worse than the others, they're just mine so I like them. ;)

First of all, a Queen:


(I watched too many J.J. Abrams movies, hahaha)

14844490156_02c41b2f75_n.jpg 14887341913_aee08ac296_n.jpg 14866892212_4517932710_m.jpg 14674982468_6b36d803eb_m.jpg

The main specific feature of this model is the movable forehead (side to side, up/down and rotation), which is also the main reason for the model's size.

At a 1:40th scale (that's what I try to use for minifig scale, although I have no idea what the official scale is), it's slightly oversized compared to the movies, but according to the Alien Species Wiki, it's still an average size for a queen, just not "the" queen.

It's easily posable, although potentially unstable and not as solid as I wish it was, but it can fall on its side without breaking which I consider acceptable enough.

Then, the Drone and the Runner:





(I don't know who designed those eggs, but that's a good idea, credits to him/her.)

14820777066_53da6b5fcc_n.jpg 14838652732_51ca5ce69f_n.jpg

(Those flares! My eyes! Those aliens! My throat!)

The drone was slightly modified for the second pic so its head can now move up and down as well. Changing their pose is really easy although obviously at that scale not all joints are movable.

Also, they met Benny:


Update: Here's the latest version of my Queen, not final yet of course, but I think there are enough changes to post it. I'm still having a hard time taking good pics of it though, so I'll keep trying. These will do for now. :sceptic:


16118846529_a3b90b51db_m.jpg 16279068496_16915682d6_m.jpg 16303217411_3c098d49ef_m.jpg

16117464058_d05df7ba11_m.jpg 15685133793_bf2d803022_m.jpg 16279082996_84d144b5b5_m.jpg

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Whoa. Do you have a flickr? I'd like to fave these pics for future reference.

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Thanks all. :)

@mccoyed: Sure, all my Alien related pics go in this album, and my main gallery is here.

The Benny picture didn't make it to the album, it felt a bit out of place there, but it's in the main gallery.

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A small update, I posted pics of the current version of the queen at the bottom of the first message.

There's still room for improvement, but I think it's getting better. :)

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Well, that's probably the biggest advantage of black. It can hide the straight lines and right angles a little.

I don't think it will ever really look organic though, unfortunately.

A small additional Benny pic for the lulz:


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These are all awesome, but I like the little ones best.

Agreed... they'd work great in a minifig scale Aliens MOC.

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