MOC Skyscraper (Ljubljanski nebotičnik)

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Its a famous old skyscraper in Ljubljana (Slovenia). At the time it was the biggest skyscraper in Europe, 1933. My english isnt so good, so read about it here:

I tried to capture it as good as possible with the number of bricks i had. It was hard, so there is few minifig scale things around it to make it more playable or interesting for an eye. So i think this is the plce for moc insteed of City forums?










More photos and details:

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I think it came out nicely, very faithfull to the original. I didnt know some of the windows are round, nice attention to details!

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Wow, the scale of this is awesome!! Congratz on making such an interesting and huge MOC!

(note: I think city was the best forum to post it in)

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