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Great thanks to Ecclesiastes for the Front Page post, very kind of him! My first front pager here on EB.

Wow, another masterpiece Gary! What intense action here too.

Thank you Kayne, I tried to make the scene as intense as possible.

No need to repeat everything I said on Flickr - so just a comment to say great stuff, Gary!

Again, Macsen thank you, and I can't wait for your next magnificent Ancients build.

It's a shame Gary, because pictures don't do this beauty justice at all. It was awesome to build with you at Brickfair and to see all your great creations. The interview was great.

I am in agreement with others that the droid arm roof looks good, but I honestly think this looks just as well if not better. The droid arm almost looks too messy to me. I am confident though, when people saw this build in public, they didn't think the thatched roof was a problem :) Plus the scale of the build is magnificent. I cannot wait until next year (where hopefully!) you will have the additions!

Sam!! Thank you my friend and it was a joy meeting you as well; the LoR companionship made for a truly great Brickfair. Hope you can make it next year (and this time, we will defeat that little girl :damn:, that probably looks bad, but you know what I mean :laugh_hard: ).

Oiley loves this too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome :laugh:

Oh I'm very glad to see that, thank you so much Oiley, I was a little concerned that you wouldn't like it after your fantastic version.

WOW!!! That is amazing. Fantastic work and thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much, really appreciate it.

I'm a South African and this is one of the things we learnt in History. I think you captured it brilliantly. Thank you for portraying a piece of our country's heritage so splendidly.

I'm honored by your comment, thank you! I definitely want to do right by all sides here with this portrayal of such an important event.

AWESOME work there 'GTP'......congrats on being front paged as well. :grin:

Thank you LT, cheers!

Nice detailed MOC of a really bloody and dark event...

Thank you. Agreed, it's a shame that neither side took prisoners during the conflict until the very end.

Nice build i saw it on youtube at beyond the brick :sweet:

Thank you! Yeah, they just showed up and ambushed me! And apparently under a bit of confusion by that ambush I somehow pronounced Bionicle as "Beeyonicle", and now my kids are taking great delight in giving me grief about it... :wall:

Brilliant portrayal of this moment in history. The textures are top notch and the sense of action is really well done!

Thank you, I knew I had to do this one right and I'm lucky the techniques I tried worked so well.

Seen the video, impressive build with good rationale!

Thank you! Yeah the Beyond The Brick interview went well...apart from that "Beeyonicle" bit :wall:

Edited by Gary The Procrastinator

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Completely brilliant. The detail leaves me speechless. I cannot wait to see the final full build! :sweet:

I'm cheering for the Africans, the British suck

Ahh whats wrong? Did you lose a war or something? Btw You might want to check out the Battle of Isandlwana. Us Brits got totally pasted on that occasion! :wink:

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Simply stunning! I particularly like the terrain and the overall color scheme.

Thank you, it worked better than I thought it would.

Unbelieveable work, its amazing :D Brilliant Work, look forward to seeing more from you :)

Thank you for the compliment. In a dry spot right now recovering from Brickfair, but more is on the way. I will be doing the Battle of Waterloo as well next year!

Completely brilliant. The detail leaves me speechless. I cannot wait to see the final full build! :sweet:

Great compliment, thank you very much! Great to hear, it will be next year prior to Brickfair though. I have some castle builds coming up.

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