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Greetings from Turkey

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Hello everyone,

I'm Ziya from Ankara, Turkey, 33 years old and counting :) Married with no children.

Fell into Lego with 7722 Train Set released in 1985. Still have this set, missing only 1 wheel rubber and 1 spring for cargo loader.

- Interested in Star Wars, UCS mainly. Have Sandcrawler, SSD, Death Star 1 and so.

- Have 7 unique sets of 9 Modulars. In total 12 modulars. Missing Cafe Corner and Marketplace.

- Have 11 Train Sets, including 1 from 1985 and another one from 1980 (7710) . Maersk, Emerald Night etc.

- Invested alot in Technic, have 8043 and 42009 Ultimates. And 20+ Technic sets.

- Also trying to complete minifigures, missing 15 or so, almost all from Series 1 and 2.

Interested in Big sets (1000+) Also trying to buy 2 from each, showing 1 and keeping the other in factory box.

Some of the 150.000+ parts and sets. Still updating.

Hello again, and have fun building.

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Welcome! Will you also do some train mocs :sweet: ???

I'm working on a metro/train station diorama, with modulars on top. But i dont have much space at home. There are too many sets and parts to be opened/sorted out.

Once the diorama is going on i will try one train moc.

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