Heroica RPG - Third Anniversary Lottery

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Vindsval leans his pole hammer against the wall of the nearest building. His voice grinds deep in his throat.

It would seem that the snow might yet fall of my eaves. I shall add my script to this game of chance.

He signs his name to the ticket and creases it thrice. A large raven alights on the edge of his hammer.

Return this to thy master.

Vindsval places the ticket in the raven's beak and watches it fly off to deliver his entry.

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Eirikr is exiting the local pub after an exciting night of sharing war stories when his trusty raven Heimdall lands on his shoulder. In the raven's beak is a small white piece of paper. Eirikr pulls out a quill, puts his name on the slip, and sends it off to be entered into the lottery. Hopefully his first lottery will be a successful one.

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Romulus notices a letter drop in front of him

"Another lottery? I didn't win last time, but hey, always worth a shot right?"

Romulus signs up for the lottery

"I've got Z-Mail."

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Glancing around, Bobby notices a announcement about a lottery!


"Dope. This place gets better and better." He signs up.

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The anxious crowd of heroes gathered at Heroica Hall to hear the results of the Third Anniversary Lottery.


"Silence, please! Miss Valentine Ziegfried has arrived to be the representative of Fabula Sibylla tonight. She will draw the lots and send the prizes to the winners to matter where they are now."


"Fingers crossed, people! Maybe this year is your time to win. Let us begin..."

Valentine puts her hand on the jar containing everyone's tickets, and called out the names of the winners one by one. Each prize was immediately sent to the winner through the Z-Mail system.

heroica-healthcore.jpgHealth Core (Restores full health.) "Eric (Khorne)!"

heroica-ethercore.jpgEther Core (Restores full ether.) "Alexandre le Chevalier (Capt.JohnPaul)!"

heroica-firstaidkit_zpsa1f5ce9b.jpgFirst Aid Kit (Completely restores health and removes all negative effects for the entire party once.) "Leofwein Twynam (Capt.JohnPaul)!"

heroica-fenghuangessence.jpgFenghuang Essence (After being consumed, automatically revives the target with full health once when knocked out; cannot revive targets that are already knocked out) "Romulus Dean (TheBoyWonder)!"

heroica-everlastingvenom.jpgEverlasting Venom (Adds the poisoned by 10-effect to one weapon permanently) "Kiray Nastayo (KingoftheZempk)!"

heroica-dragonscale.jpgDragon Scale (Grants lucky- and blessed-effects when consumed.) "Namyrra Uq (Quarryman)!"

heroica-krakenfang.jpgKraken Fang (Grants hastened- and reinforced-effects when consumed.) "Thalion Dwinlas (-obelix-)!"

heroica-titanheart.jpgTitan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed.) "Alexis Fenral (Masked Builder)!"

heroica-gratingstone.jpgGrating Stone (WP +1 to one weapon upon use.) "Thormanil Nihai (swils)!"

heroica-brightpolish_zpsb717c4c4.jpgBright Polish (SP +1 to one shield or armor upon use.) "Erik Tyrvarr (Myrddyn)!"

heroica-levelupmushroom.jpgLevel-Up Mushroom (Raises level by one full level upon use.) "Demon Germ (samuraiturtle)!"

heroica-mythrilshard.jpgMythril Shard (One quarter of a full Mythril ore, used for mythrilizing weapons.) "Lawrence Boomingham (Zepher)!"

heroica-adamantiteshard.jpgAdamantite Shard (One quarter of a full Adamantite ore, used for adamantizing weapons.) "Darksten (Comrade Commander)!"

heroica-letterofrecommendation.jpgLetter of Recommendation (Increases reputation with one of the seven main factions depending on the user's choice.) "Francis Barkley (Captain Settle)!"

heroica-anniversarymedal.jpgAnniversary Medal (Power +3, SP +3, Max. Health +3, Max. Ether +3. The values will increase by 1 with each passing year; accessory.) "Lind Whisperer (Lind Whisperer)!"


"And that is all, I'm afraid. Congratulations to the winners, Fabula Sibylla smiled upon you tonight. For the rest, please return this time next year for another bout with destiny."

The crowd quickly dispersed, others overjoyed while others were grumbling with disappointment.

OoC: Thank you all for participating! Captain Settle, please post to this topic to announce which faction Francis would like to get increased reputation with.

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