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It is the Age of Steam!

In the New World of America, The Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur are pioneering Aviation. First contact with the Aliens left them both "touched"

Wilbur gained a couple of permanent physical reminders but was also gifted with increased mental acumen and a deep knowledge of avionics.

Orville a talented mechanic and test driver already was imbued with super keen senses and reflexes which served to hone his new craft as test pilot and crash test dummy extraordinaire!


These are the fleshie versions. I will be doing slightly different colours with yellow skin for those who like their lego peeps old skool.

Not sure what the rules are here regarding selling. if you like em pm me.

Design details

Initial torso design work sketched by me, improved by Roag. Developed to next level by Vic at eclipsegrafx with feedback from Guy Himber.

Torsos have been pad printed by Citizen Brick.

Goggle head digitally printed by eclipsegrafx, designed by Adam at Phoenix Custom Bricks, in conjunction with Hiro Rydell and LegoUli from Flickr.

Monocle head Pad printed by Custom bricks through Eclipsgrafx from an initial design by me super improved by Eclipsegrafx

Accessories include (but not limited to)

Crazybricks Stovepipe hat

Brickwarriors Chainsaw hand

Sidan Crossbow

Some versions will also have the mother of all accessories the "Brickarms raygun" :D

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These look great! I remember when you posted your photo with the bags full 'o those parts used here, nice to see them finally done. I especially like what you've done with WIlbur.


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Steampunk is definitely in my top 3 favorite genres and these are just amazing minifigs, to say the least! And do those "brands" help for free, with those decals?

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I'm really starting to like the Steampunk items I'm seeing in LEGO, it's so creative! And your new figs are just perfect! Love the alternate storyline for these two historical figs, too! Glad I could pitch in even in the smallest way to be part of this cool project!

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