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Hello everyone, here's my entry for the mini contest.

Meet my Hubless bike! (looks like a mixture of tron bikes and ducati for me)


145 pieces in total



1) hubless wheels!

2) double rear suspension

3) steering

4) rolling (not so smooth as I wanted)

5) adjustable seat

I don't really hope for winning as I can see other miniprojects which are definitely outstanding, so let's say I've built this bike just for myself. I thought that building a truck or a jet is cool but typical, so I decided to construct something not very efficient but special (at least for me) and original instead. Also I know that I have a plenty of pieces left, but I admire the bike in the current state and don't want to change anything. But pieces of advice are totally acceptable :)

Here's a demo of suspension

More photos here

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Thanks everyone!

It drives indeed although not very smooth. Wheels may slide on a slippery floor (because of lack of weight) but it goes pretty well on "stickier" surfaces (like blanket of any other material).

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