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20 hours ago, Umbra-Manis said:

Random AG thought from watching TLM2: The sistar system is a PG rated @pombe world.  :tongue:

LOL!  Thanks for the extremely flattering words.

To be fair, however, a lot of the inspiration behind the humor of my stories came from the internal logic of the first LEGO movie (though I upped the ante with more adult themes).  I had actually started out thinking I would use the Inspector Gadget formula for AG, where Pombe would be the idiot explorer whose sidekick Eshey would do all the real work, but I got tired of that after the first few weeks.  And when @Dannylonglegs had a story in which he included a cameo of Pombe walking around the Axle in his speedos, I just ran with it and never stopped.

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