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How the I.A.M.S. hired the Yeti Mercenaries in the North

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14709687414_343a87efa0_c.jpgHow Lord Max Samu hired the Yeti Mercenaries by Da_Maximus, on Flickr

Lord Max Samu, head of the Intelligence Agency of Mpya Stedor visited not so long ago the most Northern parts of Mitgardia. His goal?

Making allies with some unusual tribes.

On this painting, you see how he bribed a whole Yeti-clan to serve the I.A.M.S. .

The first task of the notorious Yeti (under command of Marc) is to send some warriors to Eastgate to fight against Petera.

For Dugal & Eastgate!

edit: allright, no UoP claiming, I have to agree that it was a fast build... I build it with bricks I bought at a PaB. Sad to see they are already vanished in my University MOC :'(

Edited by Damaximus

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Those shield designs with the eye really do look rather smart Damaximus! Glad to see more reinforcements for Dugal for the upcoming battle. :thumbup:

UoP: Sadly i will have to pass on all your claimed credits. What you have built here is pretty much a "fig on a plate" moc, which doesn't show enough detail or mastery of the subjects you have claimed for.

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Indeed there are nice shield designs on this moc. I have to concur with Gabe about the UoP credits however.

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