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MakutaFest 2014 - July 20th!

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Hello everybody, it's that time of year again... time for the annual MakutaFest live event!

For those that aren't aware, this will be the fifth year of MakutaFest! It's a live collaboration podcast between The TTV Podcast and the BS01 Wiki. At this event, we feature prize giveaways, interesting BIONICLE discussion (especially this year, for obvious reasons), trivia questions, and Q&A with the podcast hosts! You should definitely come check it out; I've got a feeling this year will be one of our best yet.

MakutaFest 2014 will be held on July 20th (TOMORROW) at 2:30 P.M Pacific, 3:30 Mountain, 4:30 Central, 5:30 Eastern!

Here's another link to where you will be able to watch it: MakutaFest Ustream Page

Here's a link to a video with more information:











Prizes will include six TNGMs, three Copper Hunas, one Turaga Vakama, and a brick-built replica of the Kanohi Vahi, built by Swert! These prizes can be won by answering BIONICLE-related trivia questions in the stream chat.


In order to prevent the extremely dragged out Q&A segment from last year, we handled call-ins a bit different this year; fans were tasked with answering BS01 and TTV trivia questions a week in advance or so to determine who would qualify! As it stands, though, we still have several free spots, so watch

and follow the instructions in the description if you'd like to participate! Please include your skype contact in your email!

We hope a lot of people participate in this event! We feel that the BIONICLE community will soon see a great resurgence, and as always, MakutaFest, as well as TTV and BS01, will be here to provide you with entertaining times and a BIONICLE event that will surely be remembered.

Thanks for your time,


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Every year I ask if I can win prizes, and every year I get told no.

I demand recompense!

(also I'll probably be there)

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