Lego mini trophy truck

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I decided to repost all my latets MOCs in their own topics, because the common topic doesnt seem to be really working...

So here we go:

This little truck had some 3 major overhauls untill it came to this point.


Originally I used the new suspension arms, but due to the spring connection points they created too much friction for smooth soft suspension.


At first I used hard springs in front, but the redesigned front suspension allows for a softer variant with springs supported by half bush.

The rear suspension does not use springs, but it uses the 9L links which support the axle to also give it flexibility.


The suspension is the softest I ever made, the suspension will move a bit even by blowing hard on it

Front suspension has over 3 cm of travel and the rear has over 4 cm of travel thanks to the drop axle.

The rear axle allows for various different gear ratios, and you can use both RC motor outputs:



I prefer the 1:3 gear ratio without a differential, as it allows the truck to go uphill and over bumps with ease, while still being fast enugh for walking speed.

The bodywork was inspired by Monster Energy color combination and it mostly uses panels to create the organic shape.


And the video:

And here's the building tutorial for the mini trophy truck, featuring a special guest:

And the LXF file:


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I think it's a great little MOC but a different body, possibly a tubular body with small panels, could look better and save weight!

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This is great! It looks amazing, then I scrolled down and found out it was RC, just wow. Keep it up! I watched many of your YouTube videos, they are very good.

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Thank you guys, yeah its a real blast to drive this little thing, Its so loght yet powerfull...Gotta love RC motors.

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