[LDD MOC] Neo-Classic Space Gunship

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Since the advent of Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! and (soon) LEGO Ideas Exosuit, It seems Classic Space with it's blue/grey/yellow colour scheme and logo is having a great comeback from the 70'ties. Apparently, the Classic Space Madness has also claimed me and my trusty copy of Lego Digital Designer, because I have remade one of my old spaceships to fit in the theme :sweet: . And so, without any more ado, Ladies and Gentlebricks, I present to you, The N30-C5 Class Gunship:


A fine vessel, Isn't she? :wub_drool: Please note that It's a NEO Classic-Space MOC, built with many parts that weren't even in concept stage at the Classic Space era. For example the gargantuan canopy, covering the cockpit. Now Speaking of Cockpit......


Here it is, In all it's Trans-Yellow glory, there's a lot of place for the Pilot, the Captain, and an abundance of controlls and blinking lights. Behind Commanders chair, There's a Cargo Bay, and behind it we have......neo-classic_space_cruiser3.png

GUNNERY STATIONS! These twin side cannons are operated by two crew members, and can swivel and rotate. Now I'm thinking, that With some modificatons (adding small rear thrusters), they could be used as detachable scout speeders. These dual plasma cannons can pack quite a punch to some Blacktron ship's hull, but they aren't the most powerful weapon on deck, which is....


The Ion Turret, Here in the delicate female hands of the First Officer. It's devastating firepower (for a gunship, of course), and 360 degrees rotation range, makes N30-C5 a flying space tank. This beastie, if charged to maximum power, can put a hole through a Fregate, but it's better to be careful, and not overcharge it. Other weapons include Flick Fire Torpedoes, Repulsors, Wing guns, and more, to cope with any situation. And no, the blue dome under the trans-yellow dome is not a astromech droid, it's the power shield generator, where do you think we are, Tatooine? :vader: ANYWAY, Lets talk about how this beauty moves across the outer space.....


And Here we are, at the stern. The imposing Main engine is a masterpiece of engineering, and, It's also equipped with hyperdrive, I won't bore you with numbers and technical mumbo-jumbo, Just want to tell you that this monstrosity of a thruster is powered by a cold fusion reactor, which grants enough speed to flee away from a cluster of Insectoid fighters, not to mention Spyrius Interceptors...


Despite It's vast arsenal and thick, titanium alloyed armour, N30-C5 still can meet a tougher adversary. This one particularly has many battle scars and bruises, but this gaping hole through which the reactor is peeking out is a serious problem. :sad: It got blown up by some rogue extra-terrestial saucer's blaster. :alien: Let's hope that necessary repairs are made as soon as possible. Now, who want's to see the inside of the ship?


So, here it is, bird's-eye shot of the ship with removed roof. You can see the cockpit, the cargo bay & weapon storage, the gunnery station, and the reactor chamber. There's a lot of mercantile in the hold, mainly energy crystals traded from a remote M-Tron colony, and alien fossils excavated by some Explorien scientists. You can also see the maintenance robot, recharging it's battery, in other words SLACKING OFF. :angry: Get back to work you lazy piece of scrap! That hole in the reactor chamber won't patch itself! :damn:


Finally, meet the Intrepid Crew! From Left to Right: Captain, Pilot, First Officer, two Gunners, and our lazy robot friend (Sorry for shouting at you, buddy :look: ). I hope you Liked my little trbute to classic Lego Space theme. Goodbye, and have a good day fellow AFOLs. Eggy's out.

PS. To any mods around, If my Images are too big please resize them.

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Nice. You really hit the right Modern-Neo Classic Space color scheme, which is fairly hard to do, and generally ends up in one color more or less having dominance. I've been getting into CS myself, starting with my Solar Explorer recolor.

You mentioned it's a remake - any links to the original?

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Actually It was just a recolor/minifig swap of my Space Pirates ship, which in turn was a recolour/minifig swap of my Space Justice (old LDD space theme) ship. So, the original two basically looked the same, except the minifigs and colour scheme.... :P

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