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For some reason I fancied having a crack at creating a Jumper that is more to scale with the 2010-2013 HF sets. So, I used this image for a rough reference as to what bits to use, especially for the legs:


And came up with this:


LEGO Hero Factory MOC - Jumper (to scale with Hero constraction sets) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr

As you can see, most of the pieces I had to use weren't available in any of the colours used for the jumper base colours, so it had to be all black. In fact, I don't think I've seen many attempts at these, so I thought I'd try one instead. I could have used the short shoulder torso piece, but I'm very limited in black shells at the moment and what shells you do see was all I had to hand, it would have looked very unarmoured with the other torso. The head should also be the other way around in theory but the only printed version I can get at the moment is in orange, and even then the one that comes with Queen Beast would have looked very odd here anyway. I'll probably end up modding it further anyway.

Well, that's all, it's fairly simple, but I hope you enjoyed looking at this MOC! :grin:

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Could have I have the instructions to make this? I love the design and I'd love to create my own. ;w;

You certainly can, I knocked up a quick LDD file of it which should suffice: Large scale Jumper.lxf

I should point out that there's a couple of unavoidable errors on the LXF. Obviously, there's no Beast heads in the part library. And the 5M cup-cup beams I had to use on the LXF should actually be these (though I dare say shove some 3M armours on them and it'll be close enough).

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Nice Moc TOV, Now all you need to do is build a 2010-2013 sized Battle machine. :grin:

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