Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

Who do you perfer?  

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    • Imperial Soldiers (the blue coats)
    • Imperial Guards (the red coats)
    • Imperial Armada (the green coats)

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The Imperial Armada "faction" (if it even qualifies) was definitely the coolest. Their two small sets make them look like a TLG afterthought - like it was a chore for the company to produce them. This poll seems odd in its modified form just because they're so different from their predecessors and they're so rare in comparison. I never got into the RvB thing - I like them all - but still, I think a new poll with all the factions would be more appropriate than adding another option so late in the game.

Oh, and please, no one tell me that the Armada "actually" had 3 sets. The fact that the re-release flagship had a different number of parts doesn't make it a different set. Unique, yes. But still a re-release. Nothing new and exciting. I think TLG realized they made a mistake by cancelling the entire theme so suddenly, and that was apparently the best they could do to correct it.

There were five sets.






Do these count?



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With regards to the Imperial Armada faction, I was referring to sets that belonged to them - the Armada Flagship and Armada Sentry. Buccaneers was basically neutral (like the old Pirate Minifigures and Sea Mates) while Pirates Ambush is decidely a pirate set with an Armada man and Shipwreck Island is likewise a pirate shipwreck with an Armada man. PPP included the Armada as well but again, it was a pirate set. Same with the other two sets. Out of the entire wave the Armada had one ship and one little building - everything else was either flying the pirate flag or obviously a pirate set with accompanying Armada minifigs.

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Try 30048 although i am not home to check. (Mobile only enters certain pages)

It is correct, thank you! My wishlist is becoming quite huge!

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