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During the move we've had a lot of opportunity to move things around, think about additions to the city, and of course update older buildings. Years ago we asked the great folks over at Brick City Depot to put together a strip mall for our layout. Originally located opposite our row of modulars the strip mall has floated around the layout a few different times. Most recently we broke it up a bit and the five original buildings (and one new one soon to be posted) are now flanking the soon to be built Main Street Plaza Hotel. The flagship store of the mall used to be a clothing store. Having several others in the city we decided to rebrand and repurpose the store into a photo studio and SAS Photo Studios was born. Below are a few photos of the build - hope you enjoy.





As usual, you can see more here and here.

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yeah,That's really cool! I like how you did the pictures on the walls. Very nice setup!thank you48.gif

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