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Welcome everybody :)

My name is Michał, I come from Poland and I’m 18. It's my first MOC showed here.

Scania Logging Truck


This truck is made in scale 1:10. The total size is: 113 studs of length, 29 of width and 37 of height (90/23/30 cm).

It weighs 6,3 kg, has 10 motors and a lot of parts.


1:10 scale

lenght 113s / width 29s / height 37s

Weight: 6,3kg

10 motors

4x6 drive

Front independent suspension

Rear floating suspension


From some time I've been planning to build something huge, when I had started building I didn't really know what I want to build. I chose Scania used to transporting wood. I built it from November to March.

There was a 2-speed gearbox, but then there wasn’t enough space for crane and turntable.


Front suspension is independent. For depreciation there are used 2 springs form the 9,5L absorber (from Unimog) and 2 springs from the yellow 6,5L absorber per each wheel.


Rear suspension is floating, based on the elements of Unimog. For deprecation there are used 2 springs from the yellow 6,5L absorber per each axle.



To drive I used two XL motors with reduction 7:1.They are connected electrically and mechanically.



To steer I used one M motor with reduction 5:1. The drive is passed to 1x4 gear rack.


The compressor is driven by M motor with the ratio 1:1. The servo motor conrols the valve and with M motor is connected electrically, so when the compressor is working the valve opens or closes.

The Crane


The rotation is based on the turntable, which is driven by M motor with ratio 168:1. The crane rotates only 180°, because of the pneumatic lines brought to the gripper.

First section

It is connected directly with the turntable. There are 2 linear actuators, driven by XL motor with reduction 3,5:1, responsible for lifting the second section.

Second section

It is connected to the first section. There is 1 linear actuators, driven by M motor with ratio 4,6:1. It is used to lift the third section. Inside there is a M motor responsible for rotating the gripper.

Third section and the gripper

To the third section there is connected the gripper, which is closed and opened by 1 large pneumatic cylinder. The rotation is driven by M motor with reduction 58:1.


Outriggers are built from mini LAs and driven by M motor.

Others functions:

Openable doors and cabine

Headlights LED

Working V8 dummy

Some photos



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Very impressive truck, a 1:10 scale. It looks very European, unlike the (few) logging trucks you see around here.

I guess those are tires from the Unimog?

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Wow that is one huge build. Great job on the details

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That is a massive truck! Amazing job man. :sweet::thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

I love love that crane too, just a shame about the dam turntables being so weak. :sceptic:

Nicely edited video as well.

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Wow, that is really impressive. I didn't realize how huge it was until you were in a shot with it. I love the movement of the crane, very cool.

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Hi Michal,

and welcome on Eurobricks...

Wow, that's an introduction ;)

Really nice truck. And yes, the crane is really good.

And the scale is amazing.


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