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Dark Elf Boar Blocker Guards

In order to counter the recent proliferation of wild creatures serving in enemy armies the Dark Elves decided they needed more spears. After all a strong blade and a long stick is exactly what most of us indeed prefer when facing an Orc on a wild boar, an Elf on a bear or even some angry human dude on a horse. Here the Boar Blockers are supported by some friends with similar interest, the Wavebreaker Guards. 


38509462310_4e231c4195_b.jpgDark Elf Boar Blocker Guards by MWardancer, auf Flickr

Customization Techniques:

- Shields made from goblin king shields

- Boar spears from Brickwarriors

- Halberds from Brickwarriors

- Helmets in the middle by NIcebricks

- Outer helmets by Brickwarriors

- Capes by CapeMadness

- Figs are upcycled keychains. 

Edited by Wardancer

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On 18.2.2018 at 1:59 AM, Umbra-Manis said:

Nice transformation of the nicebricks helms!


On 30.1.2018 at 9:44 PM, Umbra-Manis said:

New dark elves! Always a great bit of eyecandy!

Thanks Umbra-Manis for your nice words. Keep an eye out for the next Cold Ones. 

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