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Hi everyone !

I'd like to present to you a new creation for the 23rd Techlug contest, it's a telehandler. It has 4 wheel steering with HOG and a working steering wheel, and a gearbox (Erik Leppen's system : http://www.techlug.f...topic1099.html) with 4 features :

- Stabs

- Boom lifting

- Boom extending

- Fork (or bucket) tilting

The goal : to make a fully functional and easily playable telehandler, which can be motorized adding the lego technic 8293 power functions pack.

Here is the video (in french with subtitles) :

Pictures :

















LDD file : https://www.dropbox....telehandler.lxf

Hope you like it, and if you have questions, just ask, I'll be happy to answer !

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Well done indeed!

Very nice contest entry. I would definitely buy this set. Great color scheme.

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The use of the free floating 8tooth to provide drive to the fork levelling is nice, I would like to see the axle supported in some way when the boom is not extend, looks a little odd to me floating free. That said this is miles batter than anything I could create so well done from me

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Thank you all !

I'd have liked to better support the 32l axle, but the problem is that this axle isn't really straight. So, I'd have had to guide it along the whole length, which would have been quite ugly and would have probably overpassed the parts limit for this contest...

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