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Highway Pickup (7347) Mod

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I got the Highway Pickup set a few weeks ago, and put it together in the main configuration, (its a 3 in 1 Creator set) but felt it looked a little off. To me, it was way too short a truck for the size of the cab. It also had a really steep angle to the flatbed when loading a car onto it, in its original configuration. So I decided to make it a little longer. I added a 4 x 12 plate to the back end of the flatbed, and reinforced it underneath to handle the extra length.

I am still a little unhappy with how it looks, the wheelbase is a little short still, but I'm not going to mess with that part of it. It looks good enough now for me. I can even haul the Palace Cinema limo on it. The truck is a little bit oversize for minifies maybe?!






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I got the wheelbase extended as far as it can go, without changing parts, its a little unstable like this, but it works. I think its about right.


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