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5150 Lego

4wheeling fun!

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So a buddy of mine was going out off roading over the weekend, and asked if i wanted to tag along. I hadn't really taken my rig 4wheeling before, but i thought what the heck. Lets have a little fun! Here we are meeting up and discusing the day ahead. This was my rig. Mine is mainly set up for towing and hauling. Not much suspention flex but decent gound clearance. My buddies asure me that they won't take me anyplace to diffacult.


Here we havemy buddy Louiein his rig. He built his for off road recovery. High ground clearance,short wheel base and lots of suspention flex.


All set and ready to go, we head out!


We make our way onto the trail.



Louie being a bitmore experianced didn't hesitate to tackle some rocks we came across


I had some fun too, but took it easy



We made it though the rocks, and continued to the next part of the trail


Louie gets some flex going


I take the same line


Make our way though the forrest



This part of the trail got a little tight. My rig was alot narrower than Louie's,so he let me get though just in case he needed to use my truck to winch himslef through.



It was a tight fit, but with darren guiding me, i made it though.



Louie makes his first attempt. He was too wide to drive straight through,so he had to ride the ledge. Things got a little tipsy..


Darren even hung on the side of some counter wieght.


..but louie just locked front and rear differentials, and just muscled his way up, and over the edge, back down to the other side.


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We decided to head back to the rock quary. Louie had a fix for some rock crawl'in, so we made one last trip before we called it a day.

Louie tried to to take the hard way though,but it seemed the rocks got the best of him, and he got hung up.


I took the easy way around so i could pull him out.


Darren pulled out the winch line from Louies rig,and hooked up to my trailer hitch


With a gentle tug, louie was free!



All in all, it was a good day. Other than a busted fog lamp we all made it home in one peice.


I hope you all enjoyed my little story. All the pics can be found on my brickshelf album.

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I enjoyed it, myself, even though i prefer the Minifig scale.

(P.S-i was listening to the Megaman 7 credits while reading this.)

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Very nice story 5150 - I really enjoyed it *y*!

Next one might be a little more dessertlike or wet *sweet*.

Keep up the good work!

Offroad On


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Thanks for the nice coments guys! I have a couple other stories the works. Stay tunned!

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Great O-roaders! X-D

Strangely, the yellow one reminds me of Transformers Movie Ratchet. ;-)

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Nice off-roaders, and nice story to go with it! Great pics. *y* *y* :-D

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