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Hello Eurobricks

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I am legopicler and I am a lego addict.

I first got into ‘bricks’ when I was a kid. It started off with a few castle figures but soon evenings were being taken over building spaceships with wings. Even then I knew that was wrong, but the other kids were doing it and it was fun. Fortunately with love and support of friends and family, I managed to wean off the ABS. Years past I got a job, married, had kids and that’s when the problems started. My eldest turned five and I couldn’t help it. I started to push small minifigs as rewards. I would tell myself I could handle it as I started to “help” with some ninjago sets. Soon it got out of control and I was online looking at cool vignettes. Nothing hardcore, just the ten by tens, I would say. But it didn’t stop there; the Lego movie came out and everything really was awesome. Brick city came to town and I was drooling over St Pancreas station. Then one night I found myself on the net and it wasn’t even pure stuff, I had ventured into renders.

Things are better now. I will never be cured, but I feel I am in remission and with fortitude and fortune, I aim to free my evenings and rejoin society.

Just not tonight.

I am legopicler and I am a lego addict. :)

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Helo Legopicler.

I'm glad that you could share this with us.

I have just one question.

Was weaning you off the ABS the most loving and supportive thing a family can do? My family have been great at feeding my habit.....well....maybe they are all just sick too.

But anyway. Welcome to Eurobricks! You'll find plenty of support for your addiction here. Not that many I would imagine should want to help get off of it but we'll certainly do our best to support you through whatever troubles you have. Whether it be where you should go for a good deal how best to manage symptoms of withdrawal and so on :wink:

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