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Greetings witty LDD people!

Can someone point me to a file where Mini Linear actuators are generated at different extensions? I need the file for a project and there is a need for multiple mini linearactuator lengths.


Never mind I figured out the LXFML edit myself :excited:

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There's also a way without going into the LXFML, using the trick bbqqq explained here. The very end of the video shows you how to do it, and I'll round it up here once again:

1) without anything connected to it, click on the piston of the actuator, with the FLEX tool switched on.

2) now you can move the two components independently, but for some reason only with the rotation tool. So you attach the piston to some kind of assembly with which you can translate it with only using the hinge tool (the video shows an excellent construction). You hinge and hinge, and tada, there you have it:you changed the length of the actuator!

I checked to see if it still works on the present LDD, and it does. Hope this helps the people that rather avoid the LXFML editing.

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