Here's what I already worked on a few months ago, but I think now its mature enough to showcase It may look simillar to Porsche's gearbox, but thats where resembelence ends. This flappy paddle gear selector uses pully wheels as its heart to switch and hold 6 gear positions. It uses a total of seven rubber bricks: - two to reset each paddle position (left + right = 4) - two to guide the switching arms into the switching gear - one to press down the technic beam with a flat panel onto the switching gear in order to hold position I also installed a gear display which can be seen through the steering wheel. in order for steering wheel to work, I used several bewel gears to transfer torque across the switching axle. The gearbox itself is not yet perfected, the gears are not yet in correct order, but you can see that it works very well here: Of course the gearbox is designed for supercars and not for high torque applications.