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Hi all!

This is my first idea/entry for the mini contest. It's a supercar with the color variation of classic technic sets. :classic: First I make it in LDD to see the parts count, now it's exactly 200. Two 1x4 red plate is missing from the LDD model, they connect the 11 and 15 L liftarms. They will also give the rigidity of the body.

I tried to put in all of the regular supercar functions:

- independent suspension (front&rear)

- steering with working steering wheel

- two speed gearbox

- rear wheel drive

- V6 fake engine

There are some more little features. The front suspension's bottom swingarm is longer than the upper one, this means more reality in the front axle. The gearbox is linear, the two dkblgray pulleys are responsible for extension in the drive line. They look like clutch plates in real cars. :classic:

The suspension works with original Lego rubber bands.

It's nearly finished, but maybe some improvements (like instrument panel decal) will be done in the next weeks:


More pictures, video, part list is coming soon.

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V2 with improvements in the steering mechanism (this is more rigid and works better) and body connection:


The steering ratio has changed from 2:1 to 1,666:1.

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Thx! Zblj: a hood would cover the engine and other technical features. Most of supercars have only a few liftarms or technic bricks as "hood".

More pictures:



In this picture can be seen the rear drive pulley, a rubber band will be here. The 4L tan axle is perfect for connecting the two CV joint parts:




Here you can see the front suspension and it's geometry:



I made a render with the technical parts:


Click for high resoultion:

What do you think? :classic:

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styling is robust kind of jeepish :classic:

maybe some nicer wheels but worth buying just for the parts :classic: buying parts on bricklink is expensive

and yes, 1 red square piece for hood would be nice, just have 2 pins so it can open up. i'm going to be really tight with pins to keep the piece count down, not as stable, but all the model needs to do is not fall apart while taking pics

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It does look like a more less sporty car, not a supercar, this thing looks simple, and maybe even blocky (though that look just comes with lego bricks).

It would look awesome in real life, though I think it needs to be a bit stronger, those pieces on the engine and drive shaft may fall out when being shaken or used roughly.

The car needs a hood, from the bird's eye view photo, it looks like half of what's under there is just empty, you can see right through

The hood should be put on friction pins, so it rotates and opens up with a bit of friction

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Love the functionality of the V6 engine, with moving pistons ... Very original.

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