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Hey guys,

I'm new here and would like to present you the WIP of my lawn and garden tractor.

At the moment, it features RWD, a turning blade and a V2-Engine. Both are connected to the RWD, which has a differential.

The seat is variable, it moves in one stud steps. The front wheels are steered by the small steering wheel.

Things I'm having on my to do list at the moment:

- I'll have to optimize the partcount to give the lawn and garden tractor a nice body (194 parts at the moment).

- Building the model in real life (this will happen next weekend).

And I have a picture of the actual virtual model for you, which shows the drivetrain and the frame.


In the model above I made the wrong picture, so you can't see the steering.

My second picture shows you my virtual model with body parts. I'll use silver and black or red and black. I'll see which plates I have at home and use them in one of the two colour combinations.


The basket isn't ready, when playing with the lawn garden tractor the player can remove it.

Another small update: I changed the body design, because the first version of the body was too "fat".


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Hi Pluto,

Welcome to EB!

Nice work so far. Looking forward to seeing your real build.

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