Canalview (II) train station WIP

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For my current second city project I wanted to build a complete new station. Here's a short description:

The first version was made over almost 2 years ago, it was one of my largest buildings and by the time most expensive. Only a few pictures were made before this, and the entire city was demolished. Now I still have a great pile of those trans smoke windows. It's one of my best examples of how my Lego hobby went out of control :laugh:


After The Great Destruction my Lego hobby decayed over time. A few projects from that time remain, including another attempt at a new big station. Unlike the previous version it would be less modern, and more rural, However again the sheer size of it would have made it very expensive. Luckely I realized this before it would be finished.


The third 'draft' was supposed to become the final station. As you can see it's quite large, and inspired by my Modern house

which won the second prize for the LDD design your dreamhouse contest:

However it was large, very expensive and in the end just not practical. The upper floor was just empty and would be filled with seats, and an information desk. However apart from resting there would be no reason for minifigs to even enter this area, since it was not connected to the platform were the trains depart. Also my city was supposed to become smaller than my previous one, while this station clearly is on the same scale. These were all reasons for me to not finish it. The station also had a small parking lot for Public Transport Electric cars (the ones with the light green roofs), which is one of the ideas that may be used in my city.


One of the other buildings I created was also a station, however it was never finished in favour of the one before this


Sooo yess, that brings me to the latest prototype station. You may notice it's smaller than any of my previous stations, while still maintaning a modern feel. It also has some neat details, like the OV-kaartlezers and rechargers (oplaadpunt) which are used in the Netherlands for public transport (just google it :wink: ). Also it has several drink dispencers, restrooms for woman and men and a small information desk


I hope you enjoyed my report so far, I will update it once the station has been build. Also feel free share your opinion :classic:

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Wow, this is really nice.. i immediately recognized this as a station.. love the architecture and indeed that glass/wood panelling looks great !!! Well done!

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That's a nice small modern station. That would fit perfectly in any town. It is a good choice too avoid ending up with a huge station.

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I'm really lagging behind when it comes to buildings for my layout. I know enough about trains to be able to design custom trains, there's more than enough road vehicles in Lego's current catalogue to either populate my roads or act a basis for my own customs, but most Lego buildings are either seriously lacking, or for the space I have, overpowering and expensive.

I've got my eye on a couple of sets to give me some ideas for building work, but I'd totally have a play with that last design (the small station) were the LDD file available!

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