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:classic: Practice, practice, practice.

Ok, I know how forumns work, but I just wanted to try out some of the features before venturing elsewhere.

I am looking forward to this group and learning new things in regard to my Lego constructions. :cannon::doh1:

I am off to the introduction forumn.

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Let's see how this images work.

Edit by Pandora: You successfully posted the image! Yay! Unfortunately it was massive, so I've reverted it to a link. As mentioned, check the site guidelines (in the first post, in the welcome thread and my signature) to make sure the image you're (all) posting isn't too big. Thanks.

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Hello, I'd like to write something for to have normal possibility of my account... :classic:

So how many posts? 10?

Isn't it too comlicated? :wink:

I have never seen this regulations...

Maybe many interesting people can say: oh, it's too comlicated. And their work which they would like to show and inspire others will just go away...

OK, next 5 posts?

Let's go to last 4...


Last two.

And final...

Now my profile should normaly work, isn't it so? :sweet:

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