Review: 60036 Arctic Base Camp (A review in 5 parts)

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Well, I couldn't resist, my local toy store not only had 10% off, but were just putting the new 2014 sets on the shelves and the big orange white and blue box was shouting "buy me, buy me!" from its shelf. So whithout further ado here is my review of the 60036 Arctic Base Camp.

Arctic Base Camp

Set #: 60036

Year Released: 2014

Piece Count: 733

Minifigs: 7, plus 4 dogs, 2 fish and 1 bear

RRP: $89.99, £59.99 (according to Brickset, but UK retail seems to be £69.99 at the moment).

As the set is a collection of models rather than one big construction, I will break the review down per the instruction booklets before giving my overall impressions at the end. So in this post enjoy Part 1: The Box the Snowmobile and the Dogsled (the less popular rip-off of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe!)

The Box:

Pretty big, as you might expect for a set of this price:


The front shows nicely all the models and minifigs packed into the set and everything is in full action mode hinting at the playability of this set. The base is perched at the edge of an ice shelf, with snow covered mountains in the background. Just in case we forgot this was part of the City line the logo looms above the base and there are skyscrapers on the far horizon in the top right.

The back has a standard 'hey' guy, but in arctic gear showing us a few of the models and play features of the set., the left side tells us this is a numbered build with pretty much one bag per model. The bottom left corner tells us to go online to play the LEGO City game, though our arctic player is dressed a little warm for downtown; also he appears to be making off with some money being chased by the police- maybe it is only so long before we get arctic police and fire sets!?


The top edge shows the 7 minifigs we get with the set along with a couple of the new huskies and polar bear.


The Contents

We get 8 bags, and a cardboard backed deck of instructions along with a single sticker sheet. Loose in the box is a 16x16 plate (not baseplate) and conveyor belt. Disappointingly we aren't trusted to build a conveyor belt, it comes as a permanently assembled moving POOP.



As it is split into mini builds, I'm going to deal with each as it comes as I explained above. Her you can see the DSS and the instructions for build 1; the dog sled and snow-mobile.


First page of the instructions gives us the open bags in order comic strip and an advert espousing the virtues of the brick separator.


Random instruction shot:


The pale white/blue snowscape background shows up the models well and generally colour distinction is good; though occasionally the white parts look a little bley. Despite this, with the bagged nature of the build and clear part callouts, you're pretty unlikely to be confusing parts. There are also quite a number of single part steps, so this should be easy for even the youngest lego fans to put together.

The Parts (Bag 1)

Already new, or at least interesting, bits everywhere, inverted 1x3 cursed slopes, new skis, 2x2 tiles with studs, the parka hood, husky, handlebar type bits and an orange brick separator.


The Minifigs


In this bag we get 1 male and 1 female researcher, with male and female specific torsos; note the 'hourglass' shading on the female and different pocket configuration. Both seem to have some kind of GPS, temperature sensor or stopwatch on their person- the girl's reading '4^' the guy's '3^'. The different coloured ski goggles are a nice touch, though unfortunately having printed goggles rather than a goggle piece makes these heads theme specific. Legs have various climbing gear printed on them and the rear torso has a nice mission patch.

The Build and Model: Snowmobile

Part way in:


Here you can see the use of the SNOT tiles and inverted curves to make the model a healthy carpet-runner; an interesting step away from the usual 2x2 round dish pieces you see on most LEGO boats (and in fact on the dog-sled in this set).



Here we are, finished, and I like it. The front curves come together nicely with clever parts usage and, whilst I missed it in the unbagging, the 2x2x2/3 slope on the front is printed, yes, printed!

With a friend:


Let us compare him with the 1990's offering; you can see the definite 'up-scaling' from 'town' to 'city' era. Whilst the new model has no obvious drive mechanism (though chainsaws probably weren't the best or safest) the shapes possible with the new parts just make it look so much better. My only criticism of this model is the width- due to the car axle used the thing is 6-wide at the skis. Unfortunately due to how the nose is put together it wouldn't be easy to change, but I cant help but feel this might be better with the skis at 4-wide (dry test example below):


The Build and Model: The Dog Sled

Part way in:


After the snowmobile, this disappoints slightly in being a much more traditional vertical brick-stacking affair, we also come to our first sticker- that 1x2 cheese gets a radar screen and radio handset sticker.

Finished the sled:


Radar you ask? Why yes, here we are with everything but the dogs and you can see a small radar dish so the driver can see everything that's forward and left of the sleigh I guess. The use of a small boat mast to build the dog harness is an interesting feature and quite inventive use of bricks.

The dogs!


Yes the doggies! :classic: A new mold as you can see compared to the standard City dog on the right. Although the face/ear prints are identical the coat colouring appears to be achieved by mixing plastics which gives a subtle variation between dogs and makes them appear like individuals- a nice touch whether intentional or not. Note the traditional City dog is 1 stud taller- so there can be no Disney style city dog becomes sleigh dog scenarios.




As with the snowmobile the 6-wide feels a little on the large side but otherwise I can't fault it, there are lots of play features packed in with the fishing gear and radar. The dog attachments are surprisingly strong and play-able so a race between dogs and snowmobile wouldn't be a question of who falls apart first. Plus dogs, did i mention the dogs? I like the dogs! :classic:

Scores for Bag 1

Parts: 9 - very good selection for such small models, Lose a point for disappointing me with a sticker after delighting me with printed parts.

The figs: 9 - Very nice printing on both figs and their hoods. I don't really see the need for a feminine torso though- I doubt real arctic explorers cinch their waistbands to show of their hourglass figure (if you are an arctic explorer feel free to tell me I'm wrong). Along with the face prints which are only really good for snowy scenarios this isn't quite a perfect 10. I'm still tempted to give it a 10 just for the huskies, they are simply excellent.

Build & Model(s): 8 - The builds are short but sweet, and the curves of the snowmobile were satisfying to put together. The models look good if a little wide from some angles and its a shame the snowmobile has no visible means of propulsion.

Playbility: 9 - The snowmobile is pretty swoosh-able, though compared to the dog-sled is a one trick pony. The dog sled has fishing gear, a something detector/radar and dogs as well as swooshing pretty well. The separate instructions and bagging also adds to playability as kids of shorter attention span (or simply wanting to prolong fun) can build, play, pause, build more, play more etc...as I am off to now before I bring you Part 2: The Helicopter!

Note : value for money score will come with an overall score once I get to the end of part 5...

Edited by Rick

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Bag 2: The Helicopter and the Polar Bear

Continuing the review with the second part of the build, now our ground team will get some air support.

The Instructions


The front of the instructions show a researcher having bagged up an ice block for the helo to pick up, apparently unaware of the giant carnivore behind him. That said the bear doesn't look too fussed either.


Instructions are easy to follow as with book one, but the colour distinction is better; no bley-white here.

The Parts

Here are the contents of Bag 2:


We get two ice blocks, which I believe are trans-light-blue versions of rock-raiders boulders which recently featured in dark bley in the mining sets. The crystals are a matt aluminium type metallic rather than the chrome that the aquanauts and aquasharks used to so frequently fight over. We also get a 2x2 round with 4 pins in black, a pair of snowshoes in brown, 2x2x1 rounds with ridges in bley, a net and of course a bear!

The Minifigs



The explorer is the exact same guy we saw in bag one; though here is is in video camera snowshoe action mode, filming the polar bear, who unsurprisingly is just very white. I don't have a forest police bear to compare him too, but it looks to me like the same mold.


The pilot is very nicely done with both front and back printing of an orange parachute worn over a brown puffer jacket. Whilst the head is not unique to this set it does give a good 'cocky' pilot look and the choice of the aviator cap rather than full face helmet is a good one in my opinion.


The Build and Model

Part way in:


You can see we have a single control stick rather than the two that were the staple of town era helicopters (a second one is included if you wanted to go old school). An interesting parts use her is rotor-blades as landing skis. Note this step carefully- attach the winch housing before the drum otherwise you will not be able to push the Technic pin in fully and it will foul the winch.

Almost there:


The tail gets two stickers and is offset from the centreline, which could easily have been solved with jumper plate, though doesn't look too bad. I left the arrow stickers off the winch drums as round stickers are always tricky and its pretty obvious these bits rotate. I'm not sure if the 1x2x2/3 orange slopes are new, could be; there are 2 more of them to come which hold the tail on.

And done:


A neat little helo, with a rather big winch ready to pick up one of the two ice blocks.

From the front:


Matching the fuselage slopes with those of the canopy is a nice touch. It is odd on a modern LEGO helicopter to see rotors for skids and plate for rotors but it seems to work; I doubt he'll be sinking far in the snow with skids that big.

From the rear:


The winch is perhaps a little outsized for the helicopter, but the big chunky round bricks make it very easy to operate with one hand whilst hovering with the other.

Just out of interest the net is just big enough to carry, a probably rather uncomfortable and possibly very angry bear:


Though what you would plan to do when you land I don't know:


In case you haven't seen a LEGO bear before they are articulated at the neck and hindquarters, so can stand pretty tall and mean.

Scores for Bag 2

Parts: 7 - Less interesting bits than Bag 1, but still some good orange slope and cheese action.

The figs: 8 - The reuse of the exact same fig as Bag 1 was a bit of a let down, ok I expected all the parka wearers to have the same body and hood, but a different face would have been nice, particularly as I can't easily swap him out with another city fig, unless I want someone downtown in ski goggles. The Pilot makes up for it though and is good all round. The bear is nice, if a bit plain- ok I know, it's a polar bear, they only come in white.

Build & Model(s): 7 - The builds was quire fun, though no particularly novel techniques involved and the resulting helicopter is nicely proportioned though not stunning in its looks.

Playbility: 9 - Its a helicopter, it can swoosh, it has a winch, there are blocks of ice to pick up, there is a bear to eat people, I'm not sure what else you need!

Note : value for money score will come with an overall score once I get to the end of part 5...

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Bag 3 & 4: The SnowCat

Here comes the heavy equipment!

The Instructions


The front of the instructions show the SnowCat ready to drill into an ice block, though note there isn't actually a block in this build (remember you got 2 in bag 2).



The instructions are generally clear and easy to follow with good contrast. However, this page had me briefly looking for some 1x4 black tiles, but is actually just a misprint and the yellow drill arms should have studs showing. I must be getting used to LEGO spoiling us with always rotating models for the simplest things, as when confronted with adding an 8L antenna to a clip on the 'blind' side of the model I was puzzled for a few seconds as to where it had appeared from and attached to.

The Parts

Here are the contents of Bag 3, which builds the chassis and tracks:


The majority of this bag is the track links, of which you get 2 spare, and the Technic bits to put them together. I was a bit suprised to see a wheel and tyre, but there are good reasons as I'll show later.

Bag 4:


Compared to Bag 3 this almost seems empty. Most of the parts are fairly common, though perhaps not in orange. More 1x2x2/3 curved slopes here too and a modern 'clicky' turntable in black.

The Minifigs



We only get the one in this build and although he has the same body prints as the others, we get a new face: clean shaven smiley guy with orange goggles.

No cute animals in this one :cry_sad:

The Build and Model

Here is the chassis coming together:


The single wheel gets sandwiched between two brick built sections held together by Technic arms. Due to the type of wheel used it ends up slightly off centre, but this doesn't seem to matter.

But what's it for?:


Here you go, the finished chassis, the wheel acts as a pivot point to make the vehicle turn easily, no need for proper skid steering, which given the two sets of tracks are linked would be impossible anyway. It also means you get a wonderful mechanical noise and vibration from the tracks as you drive along and the vehicle rocks about this point.

I would note that this particular build might require parental help for the lower end of the age spectrum but still wasn't what I'd call difficult.

Building Bag 4:


If you've build any of the city range of 6-wide trucks this will all feel very familiar. We do get opening doors though which is nice and the 1x2x2/3 slopes come out where previously we may have had 1x1 cheese which give a slightly different shape.

Connect the two:


Almost finished, the cab is on the chassis which completely hides the centre wheel, and in my opinion looks really very cool. I suddenly want to open a LEGO ski resort! I'm happy with the big arctic sticker on the roof too, as its on a clear background its not as alignment critical as on some city sets.



The drill arm goes on, along with 5 stickers (4 on the arm, one for the control panel, which really could have been a printed 1x2 tile rather than 1x2 stickered cheese) and we're done.


In action the drill looks much better than I thought it would.


However, there is an issue in that there is no way to stow it neatly when your done drilling and want to drive home, this is the best I could do.

One more beauty shot:


I think even the polar bear would move for this guy!

Scores for Bag 4/5

Parts: 7 - Caterpillar tracks, yay! Enough orange to build a decent city truck if you wished, nothing that unique though, and some unnecessary stickered 'interesting' parts when existing printed parts would have done.

The figs: 9 - Whilst we have seen the same parts in Bag 1 the score should not diminish as they are the same great bits and we get a new face!

Build & Model(s): 8 - The builds was quite fun, even snapping together 44 caterpillar treads. Use of the hidden wheel is a clever touch and the finished model looks mean and purposeful. No complaints about width here- looks well proportioned to the real thing. The only downside is the drill arm when you just want to drive it somewhere the only option is just to hang it out in the breeze. I can see myself converting this to have a passenger/equipment cab on the back instead.

Playability: 8 - Big, rugged and you can drive it over anything, despite its aesthetic drawbacks the drill definitely does add play options.

Note : value for money score will come with an overall score once I get to the end of part 5...

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Bag 5 & 6: The Lab

Lets science some things!

The Instructions

The front page shows the lab module attached to the living/garage module which extends off the page. As with the previous booklet, elements not in this build creep in- this time its the video camera from build 2.


I wont bother you with the inside, it much as the previous builds and should cause no issues.

The Parts

Here are the contents of Bag 5, which builds the walls and science gear:


We get a few minifig utensils: a magnifying glass, ice axes, binoculars and a coffee cup as well as another crystal. Also two 2x2 tiles with clips in black, which I've only seen in bley before. Everything else is common, but probably not in orange!

Bag 6:


More orange. I've not seen the 3-wide 2x Technic pin to hinge converter before (below the 2x2 round on the right). Other rare parts are the 4x5 train door and the 2x2 corner tiles. We also get our second pair of snowshoes from this set.

The Minifigs

New figs:


Some very nice double printed figs come in this build. First a scientist with lab coat over an orange wooly jumper, complete with ID badge, pens in pocket and a mission badge both on the jumper and the back of his coat. second, another orange, jumper-ed guy, but with a blue body-warmer over the top, he also has an ID badge and a mission patch on his back. The scientist comes with beard and glasses print (that is new to me) with slicked back hair. The assistant has the fairly common orange safety specs smiley and a beanie hat.

The Build and Model

Science things:


Here we have a nice brick built microscope and a pair of computer terminals which are stickered 2x2 with clips attached to 1x2 with handles. Why some printed 2x2x1 slopes wouldn't do I don't know but I have to admit these stickers do look good and I guess theme specific printing isn't hugely profitable.

And done:


The roof goes together quickly as dose the conveyor, both being mostly big parts. I like the curve of the roof, it feels very realistic, perhaps could use some stairs though, unless the door is just show and the science guys ride the conveyor belt to the floor when they want to go out.

Doing Science!:


The whole side of the building opens up in 2 segments to allow access for play. The scientist is using the microscope whilst his assistant is outside playing with a chainsaw; at least he has safety glasses!

Scores for Bag 5/6

Parts: 7 - Some good and interesting stuff, many train fans might be debating whether a brand new black 4x5 is worth $90..... Whilst the selection is good, I cant help but feel the roof pieces will be difficult to find a non-arctic use for.

The figs: 9 - Yay, new prints; overall two very well thought out and detailed figures.

Build & Model(s): 7 - The builds was pretty simple, though the lab instruments were a nice little surprise. The model is basic when finished but really looks the part , Just a shame about the lack of stairs.

Playability: 7 - Science things! move things on a conveyor belt! attack things with a chainsaw or axe! OK on its own its not going to hold attention for a long time, but it does add to the overall set.

Note : value for money score will come with an overall score once I get to the end of part 5...

Edited by woofmcmoose

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Bag 7 & 8: The Living Quarters and Conclusion

About time, do you know how long I've been reading for...!

The Instructions

This time we get a shot of the living/garage module all on it's own, the tools on the side, you'll have to jump for, unless connected to the science module where they'll sit nicely over the deck.


One complaint about the instructions, we get magically appearing stickers (i.e. no sticker symbol and arrow):


Otherwise, they're just fine.

The Parts

Here are the contents of Bag 7, which builds the walls:


More orange windows, the big arches could be useful for MOC-ing and we also get a pair of seats in brown, which is an unusual colour.

And Bag 8 which builds the roof and comms array:


Lots of grey 1x2x2/3 curves, a couple of white girder pieces (though these appeared in great quantity in the previous City station set) and some trans light blue 2x3 with 2 clips. Also the first time I've seen the new mold short antenna which lacks the domed top of the older version. The 1x8 plates with the fat groove I don't see often either.

The Minifigs

No figs in this bag, but here is a gentle reminder of the full cast of characters in the set:


The Build and Model

Home sweet home:


Part way in we have the walls up, the garage for the snowmobile tiled and the living area done. Whilst being stickered, the TV and family portrait are nice touches, though the TV looks more like my microwave oven than it does my TV (useful for MOC-ing in think).

And done:


The comms array and solar panels make this a very tall model, but they really look the part. The flag and 2x2 tile on the garage are again stickered, but being a round symbol on a clear background even kiddy (mis)alignment would still look reasonably good. the solar panel stickers are a bit tricksy though and would look poor if not well laid.

So lets rate it quickly then sum up the whole set:

Scores for Bag 7/8

Parts: 7 - More good pieces if you have plans in orange, a useful amount of bley plates, .

Build & Model(s): 8 - Reasonably straightforward but some enjoyable touches in the model (living area mainly) that made me smile as I built. Unfortunately the is a sticker heavy build, but certainly looks the better for it.

Playability: 7 - On it's own you can open and shut the doors, er that's it. If you bring the figs and snowmobile in though it becomes fun.


Let's take a look at the full set in action:


There are almost too many play features to talk about! There are no models which feel like throwaway inclusion like often appear in large faction themed sets. The base looks wonderful with its curved roofs and rugged enough to survive the worst LEGO snowstorms.


The snowmobile fits snugly (with rider) in the garage section ready to speed out into action.


Here our lab assistant shows the SnowCat driver he doesn't need a giant 550rpm drill for getting into ice blocks! I think the bear has smelt food though, he seems interested in the lab module.


Scientist: "Hmm...interesting I'm still not sure what the crystals do but I think I have solved the mystery of my missing lunch."

I do wonder if LEGO are planning to release a back story to the crystals or leave it up to kids imaginations what they are for (the latter will happen anyway).


The husky sled is also the right size for carting around ice blocks, though they end up slightly off center due to the use of jumper plates. Good doggies!


Bad doggies! "Who let the Huskies in the SnowCat?", "I don't care, just drive!!"


At the end of a hard days work. "Hmm, maybe I should have packed some different headgear, its a little warm in here!"

Just wait til all 7 staff and 4 dogs come home for the night, cosy doesn't even come close!

Overall Ratings

Parts: 8 - If you like orange, a solid 10! There are plenty of interesting and varied pieces, though don't expect many non-arctic MOCs to suddenly spring from this set.

The Figs: 9 - There are so many in this set, the new prints are great as are the huskies, let down only by having a duplicate figure which is forgivable across a theme, but not in a single set these days.

Build & Model(s): 8 - Everything looks the part, and has a coherent, well thought out feel. The builds are fun and the modular nature of the build will keep kids from getting bored. Nothing too tricky for the suggested age range though some assistance might be required with the SnowCat and stickering of parts for the youngest kids.

Playability: 10 - This set really does have everything; look at the rest of the theme: Snowmobile, check, Heavy equipment & Lab, check, Helicopter & Huskies, check. Until the Supply plane ans Icebreaker are available, you could easily give the other sets a miss and not lose out on play options.

Value for Money: 7 - Until this appears on LEGO S@H I'm not convinced £59.99 is the RRP as most toystores are listing £69.99. At £69.99 it feels a little overpriced for the part count but at £59.99 feels like great value given the sheer number of models, features and figs. At the discounted price I paid (£63) I am more than happy.

Overall: 9 - A superb set from a superb new theme. Definitely a set deigned for play, but it still looks the part in almost every respect, if you get only one arctic set, make it this one- it has everything!

Edited by woofmcmoose

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Wow, that is a very intensive review! Thank you woofmcmoose for sharing this detailed review with us. I am particularly fond of the new huskies and more importantly, I felt the new Arctic sets are so much better in design than its predecessors. I am looking forward to see this new City sub-theme appearing in store.

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This is a great review! You highlighted the different features of the set very well. My favorite things are the polar bear and huskies.

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Well done on this review. Your approach of highlighting the individual components made the overall design look more appealing. I'll actually monitor this set now in the hopes that I'll see it on sale someday, whereas before I wasn't really interested in this sub-theme. By the way, love the scene with the dogs driving over the base. :P

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Thanks for this great review! Arctic doesn't really fit into my city, but the huskies going crazy in the SnowCat made me laugh out loud! :laugh:

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Thanks for the review. Very informative.

I have no interest in these sets as a whole, but I'd love some huskies and that polar bear! I don't have a forest police bear yet either, but I can't justify that price in the aftermarket. I'm sure this will suffer the same fate.

But the end result does look like a fun playable set with a lot of neat features. I can understand why other people may be interested in these sets. If I wasn't into a lot of other themes, I'd probably add this to my list. I liked this sort of things as a kid.

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Nice thorough review, thanks, this was the set I wanted to get. I have to ask, is 'bley' supposed to be gray?

OK, I found it, bluish grey = bley.. ;-)

Edited by talos

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Good thorough review 'woofmcmoose'. Hoping to pick this up soon. Couple of mods need I think on the accommodation block ie step/stairs and accommodation itself and the arm of the tracked vehicle.

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Thanks a lot for the review! What an awesome set! I love "science sets" like this. In a way, this takes me back to Classic Space, with all the stablishing bases, exploration and research.

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Excellent review and thanks for all the effort you put into bringing it to us.

I have to agree with some above and 'doth my hat' to the design of the huskies and the polar bear...very nice!

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Awesome review. I have never bought a LEGO City set for myself but after seeing your review I may just pick one up. My oldest son has a few but I never really took any interest in them.

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Great review woolmcmoose. It's a fun build and they do have it in Lego stores in US. Did you find a serious color shift in some of the orange pieces? The curved roof pieces in mine were especially noticeable.

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Thanks for the feedback on the review, I maybe got a bit carried away but it was fun and prolonged the enjoyment of the build.

Couple of mods need I think on the accommodation block ie step/stairs and accommodation itself and the arm of the tracked vehicle.

Yep, some small mods could make this a perfect set. Interestingly the 60035 Outpost and the building that come with 60062 Icebreaker do have stepladders to get in and out.

Did you find a serious color shift in some of the orange pieces? The curved roof pieces in mine were especially noticeable.

No, mine were very consistent, unlike the first horizon express I got which had significant variations.

I have to agree with some above and 'doth my hat' to the design of the huskies and the polar bear...very nice!

The huskies were the real highlight of the set. I was probably always going to end up with this or the 60034 Helicrane to get some. In the end though I'm glad I got the outpost as it was an unexpectedly good all round set, wheras I'm sure I can throw a very similar helicopter together from my parts bin (though obviously not in orange!).

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Yep, some small mods could make this a perfect set. Interestingly the 60035 Outpost and the building that come with 60062 Icebreaker do have stepladders to get in and out.

Hopefully the science lab from the Arctic Icebreaker could join this. Failing that then hopefully all the parts for these 2 sets are available from bricks and pieces to make a good modded base camp!

Also hope the UK price of £59.99 is the real price as the local Lego shop informed me that it was £69.99, which would mean that the US price of $89.99 works out a better deal.

Edited by scottwb2010

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Thanks for the great review, woofmcmoose! Sorry not to have posted earlier, but I didn't find your review until today.

I saw the Arctic sets in the catalogue last week and fell in love. Never had any interest in City sets before, not even as a kid -- but this one is a must-have. Stopped by TRU on the way home from work and confirmed that these are fantastic.

In a way, this takes me back to Classic Space, with all the stablishing bases, exploration and research.

Totally agree. And I think the very fact it has a home base, as well as some smaller vehicles and cute animals, might make it popular with girls as well as boys and AFOLs.

I love the fact that this set has crisp, appealing colors, a generous complement of new animals, lots of new minifigs with great printing on front and back, and best of all, no built-in conflict and no tacked-on storyline with named characters.

It's a great springboard for imagination and modifying. The conveyor belt just screams ""Seeds of Doom" (Tom Baker Doctor Who ep). Add CMF Yeti or two and you have a 2nd Doctor ep in the making... :-)

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I cant put my finger on it but the scientist guy (especially the face) reminds me of a character from a cartoon. I believe the cartoon is recent. Anyone out there happen to know which cartoon I am thinking of?

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Thanks for the review, woofmcmoose! This set looks really cool - I really liked the Arctic series in 2000 but this is certainly bigger and better.

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