Your worst MOC?

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This is a place to share your worst creations... This is mine- it's in LDD because I haven't built it since I was a kid- the actual ones I'd built were very similar- based on a half-size base plate with lots of wheels. Basically a big brick I used for ramming through other creations- mostly buildings. The difference was as a kid I wouldn't have bothered to match any colors.

I re-built it in LDD just o get a feel for the software. I call it an Assault Van.


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Hehe, that sure is blocky :classic: It reminds me of these 2 little tanks i build when i was a kid, i used to have this little game with ,self where i would ram them into each other on the livingroom floor till they were completely broken, then rebuild, and do it over and over again :classic:

Back on topic, I have made some pretty horrendous stuff over the years, but none exist today, only as horrible memories :classic: I like this topic though, and your MOC! Maybe I will try to reconstruct some of my bloopers and post, it may have a therapeutic effect :classic:

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