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Where to get (nice to print) brick lists

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I'm storing my LEGOs separated on sets. This way it is somewhat easier to play with kids (and to cleanup afterward!) which are still a bit too young to comprehend entire collection (even if sorter by type or color).

I decided to store instructions separately because experience so far shows that storing them along bricks in bags leads to various small damages. I’m afraid that with time they will accumulate.

But if I will remove instructions from bags with bricks I have to have a good solution to easily identify a bag with a set. That could be easily done by just printing set picture. Since I print it myself any damages do not matter – if they get worn too much I will just print a new one.

Another issue that is left is to be able to inventory a bag quickly. For that I would need a list o bricks in a set. For new sets those are at the end of instruction (very good idea!). For old sets (and I do have many of them) the issue is even worse since the instruction doesn’t have list anyway.

My idea was to print lists and store it in bags as well. Again since I would print them myself any damages are unimportant.

The issue here is however that lists based on popular sites (like Peeron for example) are far too large after printing and don’t feet well with small bags of small sets.

Finally I can reach the question here. Where to get a list of bricks that would be significantly smaller and still useful and readable. Like the ones that are printed with instructions?

I could make some scripts to parse publicly available brick lists and generate print page that fit my needs. But that is likely some work to do which possibly was already done by someone somewhere.

Any help or advice?

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You can use to export part lists in an HTML grid that uses CSS formatting. If the grid does not print how you prefer, you can create your own CSS file to format it.

You can search by set number here.

Once you find the page for the set you want, scroll down to find the link that reads Import/Export Options:


After clicking that, a list of options appears. Choose Export to HTML Grid:


This will lead you to a page with the parts list formatted in a grid using CSS. From there, you can print it or save the HTML file, create your own CSS file, and edit the link in the HTML.

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