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[HSH] Cat A - Rock Wranglers!

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Looks like I still made the deadline!

Rock Wranglers

14099114893_9abf64186e_c.jpgRock Wranglers by rodiziorobs, on Flickr

High above the desert plains below, Mr. Hezekiah Arrup checks his instruments in preparation for another day of work. Aided by his assistant, Sam Weskill, Mr. Arrup is one of the few brave pioneers who have popularly become known as “Rock Wranglers,” men who risk their lives in the pursuit of energy harvested from the skies—in the form of the rare and energy-rich triflutamine gas, that is.

What is triflutamine gas, you say? It is an extremely rare, lighter-than-air substance which is generally found in rich deposits contained within floating rocks. Why, Mr. Arrup’s very base of operations is built upon one of these rocks.

14075936682_361d83c589_c.jpgRock Wranglers! by rodiziorobs, on Flickr

The process is simple but perilous: when the two scout a viable sample for extraction, they fire a cannon with a winch and grappling hook at it, then reel it in closer until they can use the pick to open a hole just large enough to insert a tap and draw out the triflutamine. If the rock they wish to extract is not within range, Mr. Arrup sets out in his airship, the AeroCrow, and tows their home rock a little closer.

Mssrs. Arrup and Weskill have everything they need to keep them for several months--of particular note (besides Mr. Arrup's precious weather instruments) is a triflutamine-powered vapor condenser, which collects water vapor from the air, purifying it and trapping it in a cistern for the adventurers’ use. This along with the small kitchen and sleeping quarters comprises Mssrs. Arrup and Weskill’s lofty lodgings, which they call home sweet home.

14079571094_ce7961a3b0_z.jpgRock Wranglers! by rodiziorobs, on Flickr

13892481807_9e63e9a948_c.jpgRock Wranglers! by rodiziorobs, on Flickr

13892494128_3675347a77_n.jpgRock Wranglers! by rodiziorobs, on Flickr

14075905641_5d858d06ab_n.jpgRock Wranglers! by rodiziorobs, on Flickr

14079579864_50d0c4e69c_n.jpgRock Wranglers! by rodiziorobs, on Flickr

14079101145_a6d2000d4c_n.jpgRock Wranglers! by rodiziorobs, on Flickr


"Perhaps we should invest in a steam-powered drill, such as in this catalogue?"

The MOC measures about 56 studs long by 22 wide; however, it fits easily inside a 48x48 space when placed diagonally. See more photos on my Flickr page: rodiziorobs

Edited by rodiziorobs

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Great MOC. Love all the details. The story is really cool.

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Thank you all! I have tried building steampunk in the past, but it never quite turned out so I am really pleased with how this came together.

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